▷ 4 ways to give meaning to your life as an entrepreneur -

Last summer, I made a big mistake: I did not take a vacation and I only accumulated fatigue and exhaustion. As you can imagine, and it may have happened to you, I started back to school without energy, with a context of health crisis that did not help. The consequences were felt on a professional and personal level and the most important were the lack of motivation and meaning. I will therefore, through my experience, give you tips to find your motivation as an entrepreneur on a daily basis …

1 / Build an entrepreneurial life reconnected to your deepest aspirations

For me, aspiration today goes through travel. In the current context, my life in Paris – with the resulting restrictions – no longer made sense. As I said to friends on a joke: what is the point of paying Monaco rents if you have the social life of Libourne? So I decided to go and discover new horizons in England, but also elsewhere, in Europe: that’s how I found myself in Strasbourg, then later, when the second confinement was announced, I took my tickets to Lisbon and Stockholm.

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Since we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, I might as well realize my dreams of tomorrow! I have been dependent on external factors (friends, political context) for too long to leave, and today, I decided to no longer depend on others and be the sole driver of my decisions.

If you want to leave, what risk are you taking today? If like me you can do this job remotely, why deprive yourself? And even if you have family responsibilities, you don’t have to give up on your dreams! By traveling, you will discover new lands and develop your professional network. Coworking spaces are perfect for this; so if digital nomadism appeals to you, give it a try!

If you still cannot reconnect with your deepest aspirations, I invite you to state your intentions for the year (or months) to come.

For that, here is a little emotional writing exercise that can help you:

  • Write SPONTANEOUSLY without thinking, which would make your year 2021 prosperous and serene:

Here are my intentions for 2021:

  • Clarity, evidence, ease will be the key words;
  • The goal of making money will be to finance a lifestyle that suits me;
  • I want to appreciate what I have, in full awareness;
  • I want to be amazed.

2 / Include off days in your entrepreneurial schedule

Like many entrepreneurs, I haven’t gotten into the habit of including off days in my schedule. It is obvious that we cannot always be 100% focused on the job, which is why integrating long breaks or days off should be an obligation!

When I left a few months ago, I introduced “Off” days into my schedule, in which I rest or take the time to discover a city (during trips for example). I also scheduled vacations, when I used to not schedule anything and ended up finding myself working for lack of anticipation! This year, I didn’t pretend:

  • I left with a friend to conquer Saint Malo and Mont-Saint-Michel;
  • I booked my weekend for an aikido course in Sologne;
  • I decided to symbolically celebrate New Years in Lapland (by taking my social distancing from the bears of course).

Thist another little emotional writing exercise can help you listen to your energy:

  • Sit in front of a leaf;
  • Without intellectualizing, ask yourself what your body and your mind need, right now (don’t think twice, this is intuitive writing!);
  • Write down the answers.

If I listen to my current energy (end of 2020):

  • There is no point in doing something before 2021;
  • Time is at rest and at intuition;
  • The first quarter of 2021 will be promising;
  • 2021 will confirm my choices.

Your turn now ?

3 / Rethink your ideal setting and lifestyle

Take the time to ask yourself what really matters to you, and especially in your daily life.

For my part, I asked myself these questions:

  • Am I attached to my city and why?
  • What will I lose and gain by going forward?
  • Who are the people I really care about?
  • What environment soothes me or would soothe me on a daily basis?

Travel will allow me, I think, to find answers to these questions. What you can do is answer these few questions very sincerely on a sheet of paper. The answers may surprise you! A question you should then ask yourself: Am I ready to take action?

Beyond the living environment, what if you designed your ideal lifestyle?

A few weeks ago, I took the time to analyze what I liked in my life in order to create a tailor-made life.

These elements are:

  • Work in cozy cafes in the afternoon;
  • Be able to make calls in these same cafes;
  • Being able to change my living environment when it suits me;
  • Have a bathtub in my future accommodation;
  • Have a developed social life;
  • Being able to run in a nice place nearby (lake, river);
  • Live in a bright apartment with inspiring / relaxing views;
  • Live in a city where I do everything on foot;
  • Have easy access to nature from where I live;
  • Live in a city with a temperate climate;
  • To be able to recharge my batteries in a relaxing place: a Swiss village or a Japanese countryside;
  • Knowing the elements that make up our daily well-being allows us to build our ideal lifestyle.

So why not get started now?

List 3 essential elements for your well-being.

How can you increase the recurrence of these elements in your daily life?

4 / Take the time to get to know yourself to reveal the entrepreneur who is in you!

It is often said that living alone and traveling alone means coming face to face with yourself, and therefore taming yourself. This allows you to reconnect with yourself, with your deepest aspirations, whether on a professional or personal level.

Professionally, I realized that I was in constant need of novelty and change to continue to be stimulated. It made me realize that perhaps finding “the way” was not for me. I will definitely take several routes and my search for meaning will be more to tend towards a path than to find it once and for all.

If you are not professionally aligned, here is a little exercise that can help you:

Step 1 : List your mental journey from the moment you ceased to be aligned (do it in writing, and detail the steps)

2nd step : List all the project ideas that stimulate you (even if they change every week) and even if they don’t seem viable to you (reconnect to your childhood dreams)

Step 3: Let sit for a week or two without touching it (really)

Step 4: In the meantime, take a week’s break if you can (if you don’t know how to let go, take a week’s vacation without a computer), or continue to ensure your current business if you are in business)

Step 5: Draw your ideal week, without restricting yourself, and even if it does not integrate professional elements (we are not trying here to make you live a new activity, but to reconnect you with your deepest desires, those that have always crossed your mind, but which you never dare to realize, because unlivable according to you)

Step 6: Put down everything you don’t like about your current activity and question the models you have followed and the boxes you have put yourself in for reassurance.

Step 7: Go back to your activity idea sheet and ask yourself if you have the energy to embark on any of them.

Step 8: Choose the easiest to set up. What first action can you initiate right now?

Step 9: Start by announcing this pivot to your community bit by bit and testing it with test clients.

Step 10: Take stock one month later: where are you? What changes have you noticed since the start of your repositioning (go back to your sheet from step 2)?

These various personal and professional pivots are part of me, and I know it now. But what I also know is that even if I’m wrong, I have the resources to bounce back, and I will always bounce back. And you, have you taken the time to weigh the pros and cons? Have you ever taken the time to ask yourself what really makes sense to you?


Being an entrepreneur, you necessarily go through different phases of reflection and introspection. As humans, we change as we grow and so do our businesses. It is therefore quite normal to have to turn the rudder from time to time. If you don’t know how to give meaning to your life as an entrepreneur, I suggest that we talk about it in person!