▷ 4 Ways to Use Vectors in Your Creations 2020 -

Vector illustrations are daring graphics that can sometimes serve your creative goals better than photography. Discover how vector drawings are visual elements not to be overlooked for your creations…


Simply powerful


Never underestimate the power and boldness of a simple black line. A well-executed pencil can say as much, if not more, than a very detailed colored composition. If the visuals seem superfluous, don’t be afraid to start small and simple.

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Attractive accents


Accents are another great introduction to vector and illustration. The right image can work well to help a brand differentiate itself, whether it applies to a logo, a favicon (computer icon for a website) or a menu bar. With a very wide range of possibilities, you will necessarily find one that corresponds to your field or your audience.

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Abstract concepts

Isometric web banners for cloud computing services and technology, data storage

Vector graphics are also a great way to express abstract ideas that might escape traditional photography. Some concepts of modern technology, such as cloud computing, are particularly difficult to photograph, and often a clever illustration is more telling.

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Creative alternatives

Vectors and illustrations offer a new approach to visuals to attract attention. Take the aerial view of still life, for example. This increasingly popular photographic technique is found all over the Internet – to illustrate blog articles, on landing pages and on social media feeds. It’s beautiful, but when you start seeing these types of photos everywhere, you end up not seeing them anymore, or worse, completely ignoring them. A vector is an unexpected way to illustrate this technique differently and to make your message stand out.

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