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Are you a trainer, consultant or expert in your field and want to digitize your training courses to reach a wider audience? E-learning has many advantages! On the learner side, the training can be followed at their own pace and at any time. On the trainer side, once the training is in place, it is possible to train a much larger number of people than with face-to-face! If you want to get started in the design and promotion of a digital training offer, discover our certification path eligible for the CPF (My Training Account) …

5 days to set up your online training project from A to Z…

If you are a consultant, an expert in your field and want to monetize your expertise, launching an online training offer can be a great way to generate recurring and predictable income!

BUT… the process of creating this type of training is complex, and it’s hard to know where to start when you’re just starting out.

You need to structure your approach to be effective, from the conception of your business idea to the creation of your online training, including the implementation of your sales funnel.

Good news !! Our training course “design and promotion of a digital training offer” offers to support you in the essential stages of setting up and marketing an online training offer.

As a result, you are 100% operational for your project and save time (and therefore money).

3 modules for each of the stages of the implementation of its online training offer

The course consists of 3 modules. These modules represent the main stages of your project.

Module 1: Design a sustainable business idea : 1 day to validate and develop your business concept. You will have the keys to create an effective business model while developing an activity aligned with your values ​​and deploying this activity.

Module 2: Create and distribute your online training : during this module, you will learn how to create your online training, plan its distribution and make it easily available with the appropriate tools. You will be able to define your training plan, choose its distribution format, establish a reverse schedule and put your e-learning offer online.

Module 3: Set up your online training sales strategy : in this last module you will have the techniques to optimize your online presence to sell your training courses, gain credibility with your audience and retain your customers.

At the end of the course, you will have all the steps to start your online training! You will be able to take the “Design and promotion of a digital training offer” certification to enhance your new skills and practice. You will be able to advance in your online training project as part of the practical cases of certification.

The full week’s program is available in pdf, click here to view it.

You can also find more information about the route on this page.

This training is offered in a virtual classroom

This training to create a distance learning offer takes place 100% online in a virtual classroom.

Virtual classes are live and accessible from your home wherever you are. We use a device accessible from your web browser allowing you to interact live with your trainer. Our tool reproduces the conditions of a classic training room for a face-to-face learning experience.

Your trainer: Morgane February

Morgane February: 18 years of experience in the digital world, Morgane is a consultant, coach, business mentor, specialist in entrepreneurship and web marketing. Expert in digital strategies and project management, she created her first company Weeshiz (digital agency) in 2012. Author of the MOB method dedicated to entrepreneurs in 2013, she has hosted the entrepreneur’s podcast every week since 2014. A fundamental point : placing people at the heart of the company. During her career, she had the opportunity to launch numerous online training courses, she will give you all the key skills necessary to launch yours!

Who is our course for trainers for?

Our training courses are aimed at an audience of experts and consultants wishing to transmit their knowledge through a training offer. For a better follow-up of the course, it is preferable to have a first idea of ​​the training offer to develop.

Note that the course ” Design and promotion of a digital training offer “, Which we present to you in this article, can be supplemented by the course” Creation and development of a training activity »Allowing the creation of a training organization.


“Design and promotion of a digital training offer” course (5 days): 2000 € HT (2400ttc)

1 module of your choice (2 days): 1300 € HT (1560ttc)

Possible reduction for entrepreneurs and job seekers.


Our training courses can be covered, depending on the case, by your training account (CPF), your OPCO, your company’s skills development plan, or even the Pole Emploi.

To find the training on My Training Account and register with your CPF credit, simply follow this link.


Caroline Alessi, CEO Positivvalor

I will be able to create a training course to digitize my activity as a therapist. The training is very structured, everything is perfectly put together and the content is truly qualitative. I felt a bit lost everything was blurry before the training. Now I have a common thread to unfold and concrete actions to put in place. I loved the trainer, the content, the group, the e-learning and the access to the replay.

Stéphane Duriez, SEO and communicator

I followed the training to create its online training offer and I will concretely be able to put online what I have learned by applying the pedagogical framework transmitted. This is pragmatic, detailed, applicable, supported by case studies and transmitted by a professional speaker whose daily job is the creation and sale of online training.

Laetitia Furio, Consultant and trainer

Before the training, I was afraid to discuss the technical tools related to the delivery of online training. Accustomed to using training engineering in its didactic and purely educational aspects. This training reassured me about the use of today’s tools, they open up a more than interesting field of possibilities in terms of online training distribution.

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