▷ 5 good ideas for your sponsored links 2020 -

If you think writing something interesting in 140 characters on Twitter is difficult, then what about the only 95 characters available for Google Adwords. This letter constraint is one of the biggest challenges in using Google’s sponsored link service. This is an exercise that will ask you to rethink the way you communicate …

The advertising via sponsored links, whether on Google, Yahoo! or others, links a keyword to a website. So while you have lots of great things to say about your products or services, don’t hang around. A sponsored link has a very specific function: to match your ad with the thought of a web user, in order to take it to your website.

Here are 5 ideas to help you set up a sponsored link campaign successful.

1. The importance of the Title

When you search for an expression on Google, you can be sure to see the results of the expression appear on the 1st page. The titles have a lot to do with the referencing of a page. It’s the same with sponsored links.

In addition, you may want to have multiple titles to drive traffic to. One solution would be to configure several optimized ads with different titles. With Google Adwords, you can use the automatic keyword generation tool to save time.

2. Look after your title

The title is extremely important in a Pay Per Click campaign. If it is not effective, no one will bother to read it, and no one will click on the link. However, writing a catchy title is not easy. The challenge is that you have to include the keywords in the title while trying to make it compelling and engaging. With only 25 characters.

3. Use short words

Whatever word you want to use, there is always a synonym that has fewer letters. Whether for the title of 25 characters or the 2 lines of 35 characters each, the number of letters is important.

4. Be picky

Your ad appears on a page full of information, or appears of other products, including sometimes those of your competitors. If your ad says pretty much the same thing as the other ad next door, chances are your ad will go unnoticed. One effective way to stand out is to be very specific in your descriptions.


  • don’t say “kayak”, but “4-seater sea kayak”;
  • don’t say “earphones” but “bluetooth stereo headset”.

The more picky you are, the more likely you are to get noticed by your prospects.

5. Take tests

Change titles and descriptions. Modify languages, tone. Observe the results on your traffic. It’s up to you to do your tests and see the results. Until your ad attracts the attention of good prospects and converts the best of them into clicks and sales.