▷ 5 good reasons to bet on Facebook advertising 2020 -

Companies can today use multiple digital levers to communicate (SEO, SEA, newsletter, blog, social networks, etc.). And faced with this wide choice, you can easily get lost and no longer know which lever to press.

Among them, advertising on Facebook has many advantages. The purpose of this article is to list you the good reasons why Facebook advertising can help you increase your notoriety, increase traffic on your website, find new customers and prospects …

Because yes, Facebook advertising can bring you many benefits, no matter the size of your business and your industry. It is by leveraging this lever that many companies have managed to become essential in a few years.

So why should you bet on Facebook advertising? Here are 5 good reasons to start (or at least test):

Reason 1: The organic reach of your Facebook page is in free fall

If you have a Facebook page, you have certainly noticed that the posts that you publish reach less and less people. If that can reassure you, it is the case for everyone. Because in recent years, the organic reach on Facebook has only dropped.

It is estimated today that the organic reach of a Facebook page is more or less equal to 5%. This means that if you have successfully built a community of 2000 fans on your page, you only reach a hundred people when you publish a post …

The results that you can hope to achieve by using your Facebook page therefore become very limited.

The good news ? With its advertising manager, Facebook gives you the opportunity to cross this limit and expose your business to thousands or millions of people.

2nd reason: 35 million French people use Facebook

According to the 2019 digital report in England from We Are Social, more than 35 million people connect to Facebook every month. This is a huge figure which positions Facebook at the same level as more traditional media: radio, press, television … And if more than 50% of the French population uses Facebook, this means that there is a good chance that your customers also use it.

And it is all the more true that Facebook is not a social network reserved for “young people”:

  • 45% of users are between 25 and 45 years old (which represents 16 million people);
  • 30% of users are over 45 (11 million people).

And thanks to Facebook advertising, you will be able to target among these users those that best match your potential customers.

Reason 3: Unique targeting capabilities

Facebook’s advertising platform offers unique targeting capabilities that no other traditional media can offer.

You can decide to show your ads to specific audiences by selecting criteria specific to your target audience (such as age, gender, place of residence, areas of interest, etc.). You can, for example, only broadcast your advertisements to women over 25 who live in Paris and are interested in decoration.

And that’s not all, you can distinguish your communication between people who don’t know you (cold audience) and those who already know you (hot audience).

For example, you can target people who recently interacted with your posts on Facebook and Instagram, watched your last video in full, because they are referenced in your client file.

You can also retarget and target very precisely the visitors of your website.

Finally, you can also create similar audiences and communicate with people who are most like your customers.

To learn more about targeting capabilities on Facebook, you can go to this article dedicated to this subject: Facebook Ads audience, how to reach your target?

Reason 4: Relatively low costs and controlled risk

Not all companies have the same capacity to release a significant budget for their communication actions.

But on Facebook, you can get great results by investing just a few dozen euros a day.

And the costs there are still relatively low (although they increase as new advertisers launch). It is not uncommon to get costs per thousand impressions (CPM) below € 5. Today, rare are the media (to say the least) that can offer you the possibility of broadcasting your advertisements to 1000 people by spending only € 5.

Obviously, the importance of your results will depend in part on the budget you invest. But unlike more traditional media, you can get started on a reasonable budget. This will allow you to test your ads and “take the temperature” before investing more. You therefore take little risk unlike an advertising investment on a more traditional medium.

And depending on the results you get, you can decide to invest more or stop.

Reason 5: Evaluable return on investment

Because on Facebook, you will have the capacity to really know what your advertising expenses are bringing you.

You will have at your disposal all the tools and indicators necessary to assess the performance of your advertisements.

You can easily assess the number of people who were exposed to your campaign, the number of visits generated on your website or the turnover achieved thanks to your campaign.

Being able to so easily assess the return on your advertising investment will allow you to really feel in control. You will not spend your budget on campaigns that do not perform and you will be able to invest more on campaigns that bring you good results.

Here are 5 good reasons to start or at least test Facebook advertising. And the list could have been longer, because advertising on Facebook also allows you to:

  • Meet specific marketing objectives: increase your reputation, boost traffic to your website, sell online, find new prospects, etc .;
  • Be creative, thanks to multiple publication formats: carousel, single image, slideshow, videos, instant experiences
  • Take advantage of the power of other platforms: Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network, etc.