▷ 5 Google Ads resolutions for your start of the 2021 school year 2020 -

What if your resolution for 2021 was to stop wasting your budget on Adwords and start improving the profitability of your campaigns?

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Google tends to add more automation and complexity to its advertising products, this can help with the day-to-day management of SEO campaigns, but it comes at the cost of making your results readable and understood.

As a marketer, you need to be in control of your campaigns and strategies, as Google’s automatic optimizations are not always in your best interest and don’t know your brand context. One solution could be to use a campaign optimization tool like SEISO to get information about your campaigns while remaining in charge of the final decision.

To be successful in 2021, you need to be able to do impossible things:

  • Manage more data;
  • Keep control of Google’s automatic optimization;
  • Fight increased competition online.

… And yet you will not have more time for that!

So I recommend 5 resolutions to focus on for 2021:

1- We stop the SKAG and we focus on the intentions

The SKAG for Google Ads: single keyword ad group | unique keyword ad group

Google promotes consistency within campaigns: the more similar the performance of your keywords, the better the overall performance of the campaign. This is the rationale behind the infamous Single Keyword Ad Group (or SKAG) strategy that was popular a few years ago.

SKAG Google Ads

Truth be told, it was an unmanageable mess. Fortunately, recently, Google introduced some updates that made SKAGs unnecessary: ​​update of the match type, close variants…

So if consistency is key but SKAGs are overkill, what should we do?

As is often the case in marketing, we have to work with common sense.

In this case, user intent should be your cue to start grouping your keywords.

People who have searched for your brand name are more likely to convert and buy once on your site.

First of all, To the question should you bid on your brand in Adwords? The answer is yes, but smart!

All the keywords relating to your brand must be grouped together and provide the best CPA and ROAS (tag them with labels to properly separate the views in your analyzes)

Google Ads report

Example taken from the Google Ads market share section of the SEISO report

Second, the keywords that mention the products and services you distribute. Finally, variations with additional search terms mentioning words such as “price” or “discount” are strong signals of intention to purchase.

While phrases including “specification”, “size” or “guarantee” are important to you, your Adwords CTR and ROI will be lower, so you should have a lower bidding strategy for these keyword variations.

In order to make more sales, you need to visualize and quantify the areas where you can improve things and find new business. The trick is to keep the structure of your account well segmented: so you can find all the market share that you are missing on the best performing keywords and campaigns and then go find new keywords on which to place your Google Ads ads. !

It can be a long and confusing process.

An easy way to get started is to use Google Ads tools like the Google Ads account audit report free SEISO to assist you in understanding your structure diagnosis.

2 – Cleanse your campaigns: eliminate wasted ad spend

With dozens of campaigns, hundreds of ads, and tens of thousands of keywords, keeping a close eye on each one can be overwhelming.

Yet this is the key to your success.

Underperforming spend represents your Google Ads investment that is low on quality or not converting enough. And as you add new keywords and ad tests every day, it just becomes unmanageable.

To reduce unnecessary ad spend, you’ll need to dig deeper into:

  • The level of quality;
  • The Search Terms report to analyze queries from Google users that trigger your AdWords ads.

But, you can also save time and quantify your potential savings with the Google Ads campaign cleaning SEISO.

google ads campaign cleaning

Example taken from the Quality Score section of the SEISO report

On more than 6,000 accounts audited each month, a SEISO study shows that the average savings potential of Google Ads advertisers is 34% on average without impact on sales performance!

3- Double your strength … And overtake your competitors!

Often, advertisers think that to increase their sales, you have to buy new keywords …

Although this is partly true, especially for conquering new markets, it is essential to ensure that you have the maximum market share on the keywords for which you are already present and profitable (excluding branded traffic, of course. )!

Think about looking at your best campaigns who are your competitors and the share of business they take from you:

Lost impressions represent missed opportunities on searches related to your keywords that you choose to bid on in Google Ads.

Go find this business by working on your bidding strategies or on the quality of your keywords!

At SEISO we advise you to aim for an 80% impression rate on your top campaigns and 90% on your campaigns linked to the purchase of your keyword brand.

Don’t waste time: always focus on the 10 best campaigns with growth potential and check your competitors’ market shares on Google Ads!

4- Optimize your ads and creations

The visual plays an increasingly important role in digital advertising.

We know that the quality of creation weighs 50% to 80% in the performance of Facebook Ads campaigns, we observe a similar trend on Google Ads.

The importance of the visual is also increasing on the Google Ads network!

How to optimize your ads and creations?

Always A / B test on 3 to 5 ads in an ad group. This also applies to writing your ads. Think about the benchmark: SEISO will also give you recommendations on priority areas to improve: ad optimization, use of ad extensions, etc.

5-Target your ads smarter

Now with Google, we no longer target only keywords (Search, Shopping) or locations (Display) but user profiles, a bit like Facebook Ads.

You must therefore add an audience dimension to your approach: socio-demography, geography, devices, etc.

Remember to analyze this dimension at the global level of the account and then the campaigns within which the performance gaps are the most important.

Example taken from the Audience analysis section of the SEISO report

Keep your Google Ads account healthy all year round!

Starting the year with good resolutions is good, but it is only the first step, the key to having a top Adwords account in the long term, the real secret is to work there regularly.

And for that you need:

Every month: perform a complete diagnosis of the Google Ads account (for example with the free version of SEISO)

Each week make the essential optimizations and monitor if the performance indicators are green.

And you?

How much money do you lose each year because you don’t use this Google Ads SaaS software to improve the profitability of your campaigns?

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Article written in collaboration with SEISO