Develop your business effectively with various tips that can be very useful. This is what explains to us Jon Rognerud, the expert in SEO and Digital Marketing with his new book “Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Website”. In this excerpt the author reveals five important elements that you need if you want to succeed in your business …

Make a name for yourself

When launching your business, you don’t have the benefit of having a recognized name, unless you have the chance to merge with a business that already has a name. To increase your reputation, there are not 40 ways to do it, you have to do good business. Be sure that what you are offering matches your target perfectly. Watch for indicators that you may find useful. Having customer feedback on your level of service is always good. If you can’t do it yourself, hire someone who can do it for you. If the customer is not satisfied, find a solution, offer him an advantage. The most important thing is to build customer loyalty and maintain a real relationship with them. As the old saying goes, the customer is king! It’s not always easy to manage, but for your launch, it’s important to try as hard as you can to learn from your mistakes.

Training & Co'm

The better the business, the more you will help your business grow. Not making a “one shot” sale is essential. Working on the internet means being irreproachable, everything goes very quickly. If a blogger is unhappy about your activity, he has the power to break your reputation in a very short time with an article, a tweet, a post.

To save yourself time by searching the internet for bad reviews of your work, you can use Google Alerts. For instant uploads use the Twitter search bar. is another free tool, like According to another marketing expert Andy Beal, is the best solution at a low price, plus you have a free version for your first steps.

Problems will inevitably be present throughout your business. On the other hand, being reactive and making mistakes a strength, allows you to give a solid base to your business which will become sustainable.

Having a privileged market to develop your activity

Do you have a gateway to a target market? For example, if you sell children’s products and are active in your children’s school, you can talk to teachers and other parents to give you a first base of customers. Having direct access to this market gives you an important advantage. For another market, you should have spent your time emailing or searching for these contacts using search engines. In addition, if your customers are satisfied with the product, they will be able to use the word of mouth system, thus, they will become the best representatives of your brand for their loved ones.

Build customer loyalty

This allows you to have a regular cash inflow, but also, it will improve your communication when they share their experience with their loved ones. Often companies make a mistake in retaining their customers, especially for less repetitive sales, such as buying a car. If the customer is satisfied with your product or simply with the way of being advised, he will feel valued. He will come back to you more easily or tell a friend who is looking for a similar product about you. This detail can make the difference between you and a competitor.

Monitor your financial resources

To start your business, you are going to need money. The amount depends on what you are going to do, however, for a virtual service, word processing will not be extremely expensive. All you need is a computer and a printer. In addition, printing costs can be reduced if you send your contracts by email to your customers. Keep your website ranking high in the search engines for as long as you can, you can make money without investing a lot. If you want to get development assistance by reducing costs, choose the “Nearshoring” solution. This system will bring you the experience of a programming expert at an unbeatable price.

If you’re setting up a business that needs inventory, you’re going to have to invest a lot of money before you get started. This is why doing market research is important before opening an e-commerce site. If the demand seems favorable to your offer, you can then consider the idea of ​​making a business loan. You don’t need to invest all of your personal money.

Being multichannel

Don’t limit your advertising to social media and search engines, even if you have the best place on the first page. The other means of advertising are always good to take, mail marketing, radio, magazines and if your business is running like hell why not try television? Google Adwords, also works with these media which will share your links for example.

Today, you need to consider the online strategy as well as the offline one.

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