Point-of-sale (POS) advertising is an extremely effective form of advertising. A study carried out at the end of 2018 revealed that it was also one of the preferred forms of marketing communication for French people because they find it both informative and non-invasive. Two things to keep in mind when trying to develop an effective POS …


Mix decoration and advertising

A good POS is a POS that mixes codes and blurs boundaries. More and more stores are using POS advertising by integrating it directly into the decoration of their point of sale. This blurs the lines between decoration and advertising. If the decoration appeals to customers, then the POS becomes even more effective and the aesthetic quality of the point of sale benefits the feeling that the product sold provokes.

Communicate clearly

A good POS allows consumers to get all the information they need, and more. Thus, it is essential to equip oneself on sites such as Display and Display to make nicely available to customers all the information available on the products. It is also possible to use POS to display very wide information, in particular by covering entire walls, as in an exhibition. The main thing is to communicate well.

Do not forget the practical aspect

The aesthetic aspect of the POS is very important, but still a little less than the practical aspect. A well-thought-out department or display, even in a general store that does not belong to your company, is a huge selling point. Not only should it catch the eye from afar, clearly identify your business, but also be practical to use for the store and customers. This implies that it gives all the necessary information in addition to being easy to use.

Develop your POS around a product

For a POS to be really as effective as possible, you have to think about it around a product. A display full of different products will always be less effective than a single display for a single product. You can then adapt the style of the display and its functional aspects to the product you want to sell. Integrate electronic equipment, lighting or other gadgets that will catch the eye and help convince the customer.

Mobile POS

The POS can also move away a little from the point of sale and thus give the opportunity to enlarge the communication space of a store. An outdoor kakemono or street marketing backpacks on the streets near the point of sale can help grab consumers’ attention and get them to your store. It is especially useful if it is not easily visible from the street.