It sounds obvious: new technologies make our daily lives, our work easier and allow us to be constantly interconnected. Here are 5 tools that could further change the way we work – regardless of our field of activity …

1. Virtual reality

If virtual reality was mainly dedicated to video games in its infancy, it has become a real trend in several fields of activity. Microsoft for example wants more! If you remember, the American giant unveiled the HoloLens helmet, a holographic helmet that allows doctors, among other things, to discover the human body in another way.

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In the marketing context, companies, whatever their size, do not hesitate to immerse their consumers in a virtual universe. Hologram, immersion cabin, specific Oculus Rift type helmet… there is no shortage of tools to develop sales, carry out market research, help consumers make better choices, or even organize event operations. If you haven’t already done so, go for it! These are truly opportunities to be seized.

2. Robots

Researchers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) are scrambling to design more “flexible” robots that simulate human flexibility. They will be very useful in many sectors of activity, especially in business. Last year, for example, they told us what they can do in a work environment. There is even already a preponderance of very dynamic robot assistants like Jibo, Musio and Cubic on the market. Their missions? Help you send emails, remember important days on your calendar, take photos and videos, or tell you what the weather is like outside.

It is very practical indeed, but still hope that they do not replace our bosses, because who would like to have robots as superiors? I don’t know about you, but not me anyway! You have also certainly heard of telepresence robots. These can help you communicate and work easily with co-workers without leaving your home.

3. The laser

If there is one thing that annoys me very, very often, it is the wires, the sockets, and all the other sometimes bulky objects that we must however use to keep our various devices running (Smartphone, computers, television … )! To solve this problem, WI-Charge has found a great solution. This Israeli startup has developed a new technology that allows us to recharge our batteries wirelessly, over a long range. His new technology? The laser. Its operation is based on a small transmitter installed on the ceiling which emits infrared light and which is transformed into electronic energy. You will be able to recharge your phones, computers and much more from the ceiling. So it works like Wi-Fi so that in the end you have smart devices that simply charge themselves. Practice not?

4. Portable technology

Here’s another innovation that I love. New portable devices are now enough to help you on a daily basis, to check your emails for example, from a simple watch or bracelet. At Caterpillar, we design special probes which, when used by miners, feel tired and thus prevent accidents more easily. Athletes will be better protected from traumatic injuries. At the same time, the equipment used by Boeing allows workers to communicate better, hence making technical manuals useless from now on. At Domino’s Pizza, a few smartwatches even allow you to place your pizza order and thus improve the customer experience. Who says better ?

5. Artificial intelligence

Soon, you will likely be able to have a desk filled with voice commands, retina, or equipped with technology activated by Thumbprint. Yes, like in the movies! An American company called Expect Labs had worked in 2014 on a platform dedicated to developers to set up voice interfaces (Siri) in their website, device or application. This will make it easy for them to know what the user is looking for and saying. Since then, voice assistants and artificial intelligence have become more and more popular. And applied to marketing, artificial intelligence of course gives marketing automation, the one that allows us to improve our productivity.

I am sure that on your side, these 5 innovations have given a boost to the way you work. If not, take the plunge! These tools are fast becoming essential for the marketer. Obviously, when using virtual reality, robots, portable technology and virtual intelligence, favor content and human participation in technology, always think about the experience to set up. These are the prerequisites for communicating effectively with the consumer and therefore influencing the process of purchasing and consumption behavior.

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