It’s not just the size of the network that matters when it comes to networking, the quality of the connections is essential if you really want to take advantage of it. This is also the case for professional social networks such as Linkedin and Viadéo. Let’s see some good practices together…

Linkedin, Viadéo, Linkedin and Viadéo?

Already, the first question to ask is whether to be on one of the two networks or on both.

Everything will depend on your profession but also on the time you want to spend animating your professional community. There is no point in being on both networks if you do not animate them, if you have little time, choose one of the two.

To choose the most suitable network, take a look at the people present on each of them? Are your colleagues present? Your partners? Who do you want to reach? Choose the network where your potential contacts are most active.

For my part, I opted to be present on both networks by having a profile in French on Viadéo and an English profile on Linkedin. If I had to choose, I think I will only keep Linkedin who brings me more qualified contacts and whose communities are much more active.

If you want to get in touch with me, go to Linkedin or Viadéo 🙂

And now ?

Ok, you have chosen the professional social network (s) to invest in, we will now get down to business!

1time thing: take care of your profile

Before going hunting for contacts, take care of your profile. Take the time to write it well, making sure to follow these guidelines:

A professional photo: we are not on Facebook, we forget the photos of holidays or worse of a watered evening, we opt for a professional photo. Conversely, don’t be too strict either, otherwise your potential contacts will be scared 🙂 Choose the photo that highlights you and best represents your personality.

linkedin profile

To help you, this Business Insider video summarizes tips for the perfect photo:

Even if the photo is important, also take care of your presentation: the introductory text to make your contacts want to browse your profile, your different experiences, making sure to show what distinguishes them …

When writing, think about using the keywords that could be typed by your relationships? Include them naturally in your presentation and your experiences in order to work on referencing your profile in the search engines offered by Linkedin and Viadéo.

2: get recommendations

You have an optimized profile and your first contacts (having taken care to ask in contact, your colleagues, partners and relations), to legitimize your profile, it is essential to obtain some recommendations.

Select the people to whom you will ask for recommendations. There is no point in asking for a recommendation from a distant professional contact. Prefer your close colleagues, managers and former managers who will be able to say the most relevant things about you!

3: Connect with influencers in your industry

You must surely know the important people in your sector. It can be a service manager of a leading company on the market, a blogger, someone with a very developed network … Look for them on Linkedin or Viadéo then try to get in touch with them.

As much for your colleagues and acquaintances, the message of making contact will not be very important as much to get in touch with influencers in your sector this will be essential! Heal it! Forget standard messages and personalize as much as possible.

4: Join professional groups

Professional groups are a great way to find new contacts and work on the visibility of their profile. Select the relevant groups in your industry. Make sure that they are regularly animated, have a good number of members and of course have a quality editorial line.

linkedin groups

5: Establish an editorial strategy

Do you have a nice profile, recommendations and have joined interesting groups in your industry? It will now be necessary to set up your editorial strategy.

The goal is to show your expertise and get the right profiles to come to you spontaneously through a series of relevant messages. Does that remind you of something ? And yes, we are in an inbound marketing strategy 🙂

To publish regularly (let’s say at least once a week) interesting things. It may be wise to plan an editorial calendar.

Some information tracks to relay:

  1. Key news from your sector;
  2. Interesting feature articles that you found during your waking;
  3. Your blog articles;
  4. Your professional successes…

Then post regularly on your own profile but also (important) on previously identified groups.

This will ensure optimal visibility for your profile and allow you to develop your network much faster.

When posting to groups, be sure to find information that will help other group members. Also remember to respond to the different messages that people post. If you respond to a target contact and behind you request the contact, they will be more receptive to your request.


Building and animating a community on professional social networks takes time. It is not enough to create your profile to be visible, you have to optimize it and above all participate in the different communities to really take advantage of Linkedin and Viadéo.

And you, what would be your recommendations? Do you have tips and anecdotes about pro networks? Tell us everything via the comments!

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