▷ 5 keys to turn website visitors into paying customers 2020 -

If your website is not effective in turning your visitors into customers, it will certainly not appear on the first page of Google, and will not be visited by thousands of people every day. So, here are 5 keys to convert website visitors into customers …

1 – Include a headline

When someone visits your website, you only have a few seconds to get their attention before they leave. You need a headline that will grab his attention and let him know he’s in the right place – that you can provide the products and services he needs. So he will not leave!

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2 – Include a call to action

If potential customers don’t quickly understand how to take the next step, they will leave your website forever. So include a call to action (like “call for a free quote” or “request a quote”) and visible contact information at the top of your website to make sure potential customers know exactly what to do next.

3 – Explain why prospects should choose you

Visitors to your website may also consider contacting your competition. It is therefore extremely important that you focus on the reasons why they should contact you and work with you.

4 – Build trust through authentic vision and evidence

In order to establish a relationship of trust with your potential customers:

  • It is necessary to present your business as it is, via real photos for example (as opposed to photos from image banks) and detailed information about your business;
  • You must prove that you are providing high quality services through testimonials, case studies or reviews.

It can go even further, to convince them to fill out your contact form and contact you.

5 – Make sure the website works on smartphone and tablet

For some time, more than 50% of Internet users have not used their desktop computer. They use either a smartphone (like an iPhone) or a tablet (like an iPad). Websites that have not been specifically optimized to be “mobile-friendly” can be very difficult (if not impossible) to use on these devices.

So make sure your website works on smartphones and tablets, otherwise you will miss a lot of prospects and potential customers that your website could have generated.