Emmanuel Macron. Unknown a few years ago, now everyone knows it. Opponent of Marine Le Pen in this first round in the presidential elections of 2017, Macron is downright first, with 23.9% of the votes obtained. A course which may seem unusual, but which is nevertheless very real …

It is well known, the candidate Emmanuel Macron (with his team behind him) is well established in terms of marketing. And you know what ? I analyzed a little more closely his recent political career … and it turns out that there are certain lessons that we can learn from it … and apply to blogging! Yes, yes, I assure you.

You’ll see, it’s even rather fascinating.

I have chosen to present five of these lessons to you today. Some of them, if you understand them and apply them, will allow you to attract more traffic to your blog (and generate more sales).

Does that tell you? So, let’s go without further ado…

Working ! ?

Note : Before I start, I want to clarify: this article has no political aim. Its sole purpose is to dissect a character, and to see how the marketing concepts he uses can be applied to your blog, so that you can boost your traffic and sales.

Lesson # 1: What Macron Can Teach You to Stand Out

It’s no secret that Emmanuel Macron created his own movement, “En Marche!” “. By doing this, Macron stands out because he does things the right way: he is neither really on the right, nor really on the left.

So he enters the political arena by proposing something new. Even if his ideas are not really innovative, the fact that he has no label and that he does not fit into a box sets him apart … which automatically highlights him.

The lesson for bloggers

There is one very interesting thing to take out of the workings of Emmanuel Macron here for bloggers. And this thing is this: if you get into a competitive topic in blogging, don’t do like everyone else.

Try to differentiate yourself.

I know it’s not easy, and it’s easier said than done. But if you plan to emulate the big bloggers of your topic by thinking that your site will become as popular as theirs, let me tell you that you are on the wrong track. These big blogs are already established. All you’re going to gain by trying to emulate them is pretending to be a copier … someone who has no personality.

So try to differentiate yourself. A good track to get there? It’s already about creating better content than your competitors. Publish longer, more complete, more qualitative articles… we will start to notice you. And above all, let your personality express itself. You may not know it yet, but as a blogger, your personality is your best asset. Use it wisely.

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Lesson # 2: What Macron Can Teach You To Generate More Traffic On Your Blog

If Emmanuel Macron took so long to decide to launch a presidential campaign and present an official program, it is for good reason: during all this time, he was known.

First an advisor in the shadow of François Hollande, then Minister of the Economy, Emmanuel Macron was able to build over time a solid voter base. And for good reason: his movement “En Marche!” “Has over 200,000 members today.

The lesson for bloggers

With this interesting journey and this incredible number of people who subscribe to his ideas, one thing stands out: Emmanuel Macron chooses an unusual order to enter politics, but his strategy is damned effective.

This works, and the 8,528,248 voters who voted for him in the first round – placing him at the head of the race for the presidential election – bear witness to this. In short, getting known BEFORE it helps.

And that’s exactly what I advise you to do as a blogger. Because, you see, most bloggers start their blog by posting article after article. The problem ? Nobody knows them, and all these published articles are just swords in the water, because nobody reads them.

The solution suddenly? Getting known before. And for that, no secret: you have to follow a proven method. This is exactly what I describe in this article: the method which allowed me to attract 400 subscribers in less than 4 months, to increase my traffic by more than 60% in only 2 published articles, and to make know my blog quickly.

Whether you are a blogger who wants to successfully launch his blog or an already established blogger who is looking to boost his traffic, this method is for you.

Lesson # 3: How to Generate More Sales Using Lean Startup

We heard it a lot during this campaign: Macron would be a “marketing candidate”. That is to say that his ideas would be rather empty, but his packaging, he worked well.

So I’m not going to comment on his program or his political vision – that’s not the purpose of this article – but in terms of marketing principles, Macron IS indeed a very good example. And I will show it to you right away: because Macron and his team used an operating mode based on lean startup.

Very quickly, here is a simple definition of startup jeans: it is a method used by startups to quickly and effectively launch a new product, to test this new product and to release its final version as soon as possible.

Which is the ideal method for Macron, considering that he has created a whole new party and that he is fairly recent in the political world.

Here is how Macron and his team proceeded:

  1. They analyzed the market : here, the other presidential candidates

2) They looked for a different concept of idea: the “En Marche!” movement “Which is neither on the right nor on the left

3) They tested this concept: by communicating above, in particular on the Internet, to quickly confront the “En Marche!” project. »To voters

4) They gathered feedback and opinions on the concept

5) They released the final version of the project: here, Macron’s program

That’s why Macron’s program took a long time to come out: it was not quite ready yet. Macron and his team were testing all of that, and tweaking it all.

The lesson for bloggers

This lean startup approach is very interesting for bloggers, especially when a new product is released. Indeed, this method can increase sales of a product tenfold.

And I’m going to show you exactly how, by taking the 5 steps that Macron and his team performed:

  1. Market analysis : instead of creating a product on a topic just by thinking it will work (and therefore having a somewhat haphazard approach), it is much smarter to analyze your market before designing your product. Take a look at what your competitors’ products are built on, and which ones sell the best: THIS is the kind of product you need to create.

Not the answers to the surveys you do. Not the products you think can work well. Only products that already work, safely and surely.

Be a student of the market, be in the real world, and you will already avoid many mistakes that most other entrepreneurs and bloggers make … and which are almost irreparable.

2) Search for a different concept: now that you’ve gone through the most important step and got an idea for a product that people really want to buy, it’s time to set yourself apart from the competition. You cannot offer the same type of product: it would be suicidal, and for your sales, and for your image.

After that, there are no 36 ways to differentiate… I can give you two tracks: create a more complete product, or attack only one part of the product subject, and treat this part thoroughly (ex: a program that helps to gain muscle VS a complete program that focuses only on the arms).

3) Concept test: instead of releasing your product to the general public, offer it to a handful of people: a few people from your audience, and a few bloggers who are on the same topic as you

4) Analysis of returns: take the opportunity to collect feedback and analyze it. This feedback will be very useful for you to perfect your product, and make it even better.

5) Release of the final version of the product: that’s it … your product is available to the general public. Generous sales are yours, because you have been able to study your market, bring a product that has real demand, and design a GOOD product, which has already been tested.

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Lesson # 4: What Macron Can Teach You to Increase Your Reader’s Engagement on Your Blog

Did you know ? When you register online to participate in a Macron meeting, you are asked if you want to be part of the “Ambiance” Team…

Kesako? It’s just a group of people who are going to be behind Macron, in full view of the cameras, and who will have to put on a monster atmosphere during the Meeting. Atmosphere is very important during a political rally. And you know how to know it: with Macron, nothing is left to chance …

It’s for this reason that directives are sent to people who are part of Team Ambiance via an instant messaging application, directly on their mobile.

The kind of messages like:

Or :

Or :

Seeing these kinds of messages, we inevitably ask the question: why create this artificial atmosphere?

I am going to tell you : to set up emotion.

We humans are not machines. We are beings who react to feelings, to emotion. The viewers who watch the meeting transcribed live are not present, and do not feel the atmosphere that there can be there.

So, to convince them, Macron must put the package, and show that there is an atmosphere of god’s fire. In this way, emotion is created, and viewers can feel empathy towards Macron … which greatly facilitates things so that he can then convey his ideas, and be listened to and convincing.

The lesson for bloggers

The lesson is very simple: emotion is the key. In any type of communication, if you want to reach people with your message, emotion is the most important factor. And as a blogger, nothing is different: if you want your articles to be shared, commented on and read to the end, you MUST incorporate emotion into it.

To do that, there is no magic formula. You have to be real, authentic, and genuinely care about your readers.

What also works well? Tell a story.

And try to understand writing as a new exercise too. Instead of sitting at your desk and writing your article like a robot, imagine the emotion you want to create in your reader, and deliberately cultivate that emotion within you. Cry, laugh, get angry, whatever … but do something.

An article written this way will be 1000 times more powerful than all the bland articles published in your topic.

Lesson # 5: Macron’s Strategy for Owning a Popular Blog – For Sure

We saw it just before: marketing is an important component in Macron’s political strategy. But what you may not know is that his political strategy is FULLY linked to marketing! In fact, the candidate Emmanuel Macron was launched as we would launch a consumer product … that is to say, starting from the expectations of the consumer.

And here, of course, the consumer is the voter.

Look: Emmanuel Macron is really not a political dinosaur. On the contrary, in this sphere, it is even a newborn compared to its competitors.

He therefore didn’t necessarily have the time or the experience to have well-established positions or precise ideas.

How did he remedy this problem then? It’s simple : it started from the expectations of the French people.

He drew ideas from right to left to gradually build his political message, while being careful that these were fairly general ideas (flexibility of work, secularity of the law of 1905, convinced European). Because Emmanuel Macron was not yet well known to the French, his goal was to make himself known to as many people as possible.

The rest is eloquence, skillful speeches, and a skillfully conducted communications campaign.

The lesson for bloggers

What Macron does at the political level can raise the question of ethics, because one wonders if it is normal for a candidate to run when he does not really have a personal and well defined program. But as a blogger? It’s an absolutely brilliant strategy to use.

More than half of blogging failures are due to choosing the wrong topic. People think that they can blog about anything and everything, and that a blog will always make money … the truth is darker.

Not all topics can guarantee a blog is popular. But most bloggers don’t know that. Not because they are stupid, no … but very often because they have listened to unscrupulous bloggers (these famous marketing gurus), who pass blogging for an easy activity.

These gurus are selling them dreams with speeches like, “You’ll see, it’s easy. All you have to do is blog about your passion, and the posts will rain down from the sky soon for you. ”

But as I told you, the truth is darker, and not all themes are created equal. It’s for THIS reason that Macron’s strategy works so well in blogging.

Instead of starting from a subject that interests you and whose potential you are not sure of, start from readers’ expectations.

See what are the popular blogging themes. Dig a little deeper to see what types of niches are there. See if blogs are doing well in these niches, and if they’re generating a lot of sales.

Then, once you find a niche that has potential, learn all you can about it: read comments from the most popular blogs, hang out on forums, go to Facebook groups…

If you’ve already read other of my articles, you’ll notice that I often give these tips. But if I do that, it’s for a good reason: they walk.

I assure you that once you’ve done these steps, blogging will become much simpler (and much more fun too).

Because instead of asking yourself, “Can my blog really make money? Can I really live on it? You’ll be wondering, “HOW am I going to make money with my blog? “.

Because you will be in a proven niche, which works, and that you will be certain of potential of your blog. All thanks to one thing: you will have started from readers’ expectations.

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One last word

This is the end of this article. If you liked it, let me know in the comments, and by sharing this post via the buttons located just to the left.

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