In order to obtain a good natural referencing of your website, the successful linking of internal links can effectively contribute to your visibility …

From the point of view of
Google, an external link remains stronger than a link that comes from inside.
However, the mesh of internal links helps motor robots to
analyze and navigate your website. This mesh “when it is successful”
helps strengthen the authority of your landing page. Indirectly, you
show the engines what your most important pages are.

In general, the more your site evolves, the more it
will have lists of pages. Internal links can then generate errors.
We offer the 5 most common internal link mesh errors

Do not process links

Often the analyzes
Google sites are reporting several signals of fairly poor quality. it
can be explained by broken links. Here’s what the user will see … “404: Page not found”. This result can
come from a simple URL change, a deleted page, or an error from
entered when assigning the link.

So here’s the good
reflex. Test your link when it is created and then do not hesitate to
analyze your domain and pages several times to detect links

If you are on WordPress, there are several plugins that find broken links for you and then suggest actions to take.

Abuse outgoing links

Some bloggers
abuse internal links pointing outwards. It is advisable to create some links
outgoing to reliable sites with good domains. The motors of
research can however detect an abuse of links and therefore penalize the site

And the outgoing links are not necessarily those that are
in your articles, but in the comments.

It is important
to pay your attention to the outgoing links located in the
comments on your articles. The tag called “nofollow” allows you to tell
Google not to access links. You can also delete some
links with little added value.

Overload a page with
internal links

The more you charge
page of links, and the more the importance of each decreases within the same page.
We frequently come across pages overloaded with links that redirect to
dozens of pages of the same

Look at this as a
debit. Each link represents
a flow between your page and the destination page. It exists
between two pages a power of flow and by overloading your page of links,
the speed will be reduced from one link to another. Create fewer links and focus
on quality rather than quantity. This mesh error is enough

Several tools are available to analyze your link page and therefore judge its capacity and power of flow. Find the article by Marie Pourreyron an SEO Consultant which details in her article “My opinion on, backlink analysis” the use of aHrefs for internal link analysis.

Create paths
complex navigation

Let’s compare the links
of a page, to a navigation system. Often users choose the
fastest and shortest path. So your users need a mesh
quick links to access other pages

One of the common mistakes
is to have the user go through several redirects before arriving at the page that
interested. The higher the number of clicks from the home page to reach the
landing page is important, the more the power of the link is diluted.

classic internal link mesh error is to redirect
the user in several places before the page he is looking for. Keep in
head that the more the user clicks from your “home” page and
to the destination of its chosen page and the more the link will be devalued.

Simply put, for each internal link you place, a landing page for your user. Avoid as many complex redirects as possible.

Don’t target certain pages
through your internal links

The creation of links is often carried out spontaneously. The problem is
that it happens that certain pages of the site do not benefit from any link
incoming and are therefore not boosted by the other pages of the site.

Often during
writing the creation of the mesh of each page is carried out. It’s a story of “feeling” depending on the subject
treated, and from several rather spontaneous points. It is common for some pages to be
forgotten and that no inbound link is assigned to them. Therefore a
gap will be widened between the best pages containing inbound links and
outgoing and those forgotten pages.

So decide beforehand
by creating an internal link organization. If you realize at
after a while that some pages are not valued, so do it
necessary and balance the mesh.

The mesh work
internal links is simple and has a very positive impact on SEO
of your site. The search engines will follow their analysis to offer you
great visibility and therefore a better ranking.

This article has grouped
the 5 most common internal link mesh errors. Do not lose
a lot of your time and start sizing your mesh

Remember that the
internal mesh only applies in the case of large websites with a
quantity of pages exceeding 100.

We hope that you
will respect the advice well chosen for this article. Finally, don’t forget
not that a solid link is a link that can be viewed. It is not so
useful to redirect to anything only to overload your pages.

Find more tips here to organize your SEO process.

What is your method of organizing internal networking? And how much time have you spent studying your links and the pages they link to?

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