▷ 5 mistakes to avoid in order not to lose all the benefits of your SEO training 2020 -

Doing SEO training is good. Put it to use is better! How then, make sure that you remember everything (or the most important), avoid memory lapses and, on the contrary, maximize the positive effects?

Here is a summary of the do’s and don’ts.

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First error: we put everything away and we are waiting for a next move to rediscover all our pretty notes!

It can be tempting to store your notes in your office and only come out when your memory runs out. If tidying up notes taken carefully during teaching hours is commendable in itself, to do so as soon as they are finished is a great risk that the brain, too, tidies them up and cannot be stored there. to appeal easily.

For better assimilation, nothing beats the exercise of synthesis! This is extremely useful because it will require you to classify the information, the knowledge received, the reflexes to internalize.

What is the purpose of SEO training? It is to think of the best way to propel your site in mind in Google (and therefore ultimately to gain traffic, customers, transformed actions, contacts!).

By doing this job of overhauling the training, you internalize the tasks to be accomplished to get new customers. It’s up to you to set the objectives, realistic to be able to be held, to carry out this mission.

Once all the good practices are well in mind, developing a schedule to improve your results will only be simpler, even clearer! You might consider reworking your content, improving the consistency of your links, or starting to evolve the architecture of your site.

You will know which direction to go and how to proceed to make yourself known. The notes you have taken can then be stored in a corner, they will have served well and may be forgotten for a while.

Second mistake: not having taken notes

Admittedly, having a very good memory is possible, provided that you may well forget things. Even succinctly, it is important to take at least a few notes on the concrete actions developed during SEO training. Ideally (but then there you are champion!) You will even have your own, reread and reviewed your notes the same evening … In a perfect world you had planned to do this, but a day of training is very intense and all your energy has been consumed! Nothing dramatic, keep the notes well, at least try to organize them a minimum and it will already be good.

And if you missed a key info, you can always consult the trainers’ site, read their books, use the supports or Power Point provided. Still, there is no better method than taking notes during SEO training. And dare to ask all the questions that come to your mind!

Third mistake: do not go to practice quickly!

It would be unfortunate to postpone the time to delve into SEO. If you have an entrepreneurial project, you will necessarily have to delve into it, and the inevitability of this must serve as motivation. Even if you think that it will take you precious time, it will ultimately be beneficial and will bring you much more than it cost you. It’s not about taking SEO training and expecting results: the end of it is just the beginning of a process that takes time.

Very often, it is necessary to maintain this new knowledge, to internalize it until these tasks, daily and successive, have become a reflex with each day of work.

If you wait too long after your SEO training, the importance of these tasks may escape you, their usefulness will appear blurred, and your motivation may follow the same curve, for a negative result.

So let’s go, business doesn’t wait! : try, test, apply your new skills. Share it with your colleagues who will surely be curious to discover a new universe.

Fourth mistake: do not dare to ask the trainer for advice

The trainer’s action does not stop after the learning is completed. Even several days after training in SEO, it can be useful to be able to reach the trainer, to ask him for advice, whether in terms of tools, or for clarification.

It is through exchange that you will maintain your knowledge, and you can also develop it, because SEO is a field that is constantly experiencing new developments. By contacting the expert who trained you, you will be able to widen your field of knowledge, by going to agencies and experts who will be able to enlighten you on other points.

Don’t be so shy, a phone call, a quick email, nothing too complicated to get back in touch, develop your network and further improve your SEO knowledge.

Fifth mistake: tell yourself that you already know SEO (ok bravo if that is the case), so that training is useless

Delaying the timing of the training, or deciding not to take it at all is a mistake. When you are new to the field, it is obvious that training brings strong skills to a new sector.

But we must not overlook the importance that training can also have, even when we are already working in the given sector. Learn new techniques, discover an already familiar universe but from another angle, perfect techniques, develop a network of contacts, share practices and experiences, re-motivate yourself and find new impetus…. !

The list is endless and all participants will confirm it: SEO training is intense, fun, trainer and it opens up the chakras 😉

Article written by Noémie Repiquet, Optimiz.me (To discover: Optimiz.me Training and its SEO software)

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