Did you know that you certainly have skills that others would pay to gain access? Did you know that the online training market represents more than $ 200 billion? And that of distance training reaches 107 billion? There is a potential there that any good entrepreneur must unlock. In this article, I will show you the potential of online training, explain the reasons for its success and give you some examples of these online training platforms from here and elsewhere …

Tutoring, coaching, personalized courses by video or messaging, here are all the terms that come within the field of online training and which today is a huge business.

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Selling your skills or knowledge today is no longer a big challenge. You no longer need to build everything from scratch. Just as you don’t need to have a bac + 17 or 18 years of experience.

Before, you had to create your own site, install a payment system, a module management system. And the bill could reach 7,000 to 10,000 euros. Today, many entrepreneurs have quickly detected the growth market for online training and built the platforms necessary for the commercialization of knowledge. If you have a simple smartphone, a computer, screen capture software and a word processor, then you have something to get started in the very profitable business of online training.

Why is it important to sell your skills?

By selling your skills, you win on all fronts:

  • First, you make money. No one can work without hoping to gain something. Unless you are Mother Theresa … but something tells me that you are not. No ?
  • You perfect your own knowledge. The advantage of teaching others is that it forces you to make an effort on yourself. You are forced to give your best, which prompts you to do very extensive research;
  • You feel like you are helping your neighbor. This feeling of beneficence is a character that allows everyone to have their place in life; to feel useful in society. When you help someone, you feel like you’re moving the world on the right track.

Why do sharing platforms spread on the web?

The traditional school is outdated; students desert college benches and other schools

The truth is worth telling: the current education system is no longer keeping pace. With immeasurable advances in technology and rapid economic, social and human changes, the school has not been able to adapt. Consequence: the students take courses whose content does not reflect the reality of things.

People no longer want to study long and learn more than 50 disciplines

Let’s face it: of all the disciplines we have learned in our academic career, how much do we use on a daily basis? Many people no longer want to be 21st century Pythagoras. What they want above all is to learn knowledge at the right time and that will be applied immediately after. No need to type a bac + 17 at the Sorbonne.

Costs are truly affordable

Having a high school diploma, going to college and going out 5 years later is not only a long journey that is no longer always rewarded, but also a pit for throwing euros. How many euros wasted for nothing?

But with online training, learning a skill takes less time for less money. With the hard times going on and on, it makes more sense to use a little intelligence. Saving money is one of its manifestations here.

So if you are still interested, here are 5 platforms through which you can sell your training and take advantage of the big money behind it.

Leader in online courses, Teachable has successfully brought together a community of tutors, professionals and learners worldwide. Its appearance in mainstream media has ensured full coverage in the web. It brings together all the tools to create and sell training without programming knowledge. It uses a drag and drop interface which makes it accessible even to the neophyte.

To date, it already has 83,588 courses, has trained over 1,940,326 students and has completed more than $ 21,094,285 of courses sold. Only cute sin, it is not available in the language of Molière. So if you feel like you can handle Shakespeare’s tongue, go for it.



Udemy is free to subscribe and use, but you give up 50% of sales if Udemy brings you a student. Udemy is by far the most popular solution in the world (at least in the English-speaking world) for creating and selling online courses. It has an unrivaled network of students. The creation of your course is done in the Udemy dashboard where everything is simplified even if you are not a technical ace. And when you’re done creating your course, it gives you access to millions of potential students in its community. The thing to keep in mind is that Udemy retains 50% of your income when it helps you promote and sell your course to a student. However, if you get a student without Udemy’s help, 100% of the turnover goes to your pocket. Interesting isn’t it?


Formerly a zero site, Openlassroom is now the European leader in the MOOC sector. There are 3 million people who take the courses each month. They are open access, that is to say free. Founded by French Mathieu Nébra, this site has become a reference for all those who want to learn practical skills or sell their knowledge. Very High Tech oriented anyway …


Are you an ace for the guitar and the piano? Do you have strong marketing, social media or gardening skills? Jérôme SCAT has just launched the 1001-ateliers platform which offers you to create and sell your courses as workshop manager. This sharing platform is full of a range of tools that will allow you to develop, assemble, manage and market your knowledge. These marketing tools allow former or tutor to be able to reach their target and make sales. Of all the French platforms, this is one of those that has a huge ambition, because it gives the possibility of crossing the digital threshold to meet the human. Indeed, 1001-ateliers allows the workshop foreman to organize work sessions with his learners who are nearby. On the one hand, it is useful for strengthening the human side. On the other hand, it is an undeniable asset when you know that some people learn better when the teacher is in front of them and guide them step by step.

But that’s not all, 1001-Ateliers allows trainers (workshop leaders) to offer face-to-face workshops, online tutorials or webinars. Plus, registration is free and without subscription! Without forgetting that most of the income goes to the workshop manager because 1001-Ateliers.com only takes 10% commission. So it’s good to go for it today to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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Course in line

Of French creation, coursenligne offers to easily create and sell your training. Do you have knowledge in a particular field and would you like to be paid to transmit it? With CoursEnLigne, you will be able to create your course easily, step by step, set your price and benefit from a large number of customers already present on the platform.



Earning additional income or making a full-time job is possible today thanks to digital technology. And the training sector is one of those with great potential for years to come. Go ahead today. This is why I recommend that you visit all these platforms to test them according to your own needs.

If you have any questions on the subject, feel free to write them in the comments.