Many entrepreneurs would like to make a living from their passion by monetizing a website and earning enough to make a living from it. But most of the time, the site doesn’t even contain a product! To successfully make a living from your site, you must have one for sale. Imagine a store in town with nothing to buy. It’s the same here. If you don’t have a product yet, we’ll see some ideas for products to sell on his site …

The different types of products for sale

Before you give our best product ideas, let’s see what are the two types of products that exist. First, you are going to be able to sell physical products, which can be touched, but which require mailing and to be manufactured in the factory.

Webmarketing training

Of course, you can still dropshipping, that is, selling a (more expensive) product that is already for sale in a store (often in China) by putting it on your site and simply promoting it. It can be a good idea to start. But afterwards, we recommend that you professionalize yourself and create your own brand and your own products.

The second type of product is the digital product. It is completely online and can be sold an unlimited number of times after being created. For example, videos. You shoot the videos once, then sell them on your site for life.

The advantage of this type of product is that anyone can create one, no need to go through a factory or an entire system. It is also very cost effective in terms of time, because once created there is no need to touch it.

Now that you understand what the different types of products are, let’s see which ones you could add to your website. Don’t hesitate to mix up a few physical and digital products.

Sell ​​a physical product

Selling a physical product on your site is pretty complicated to set up, especially if it’s not dropshipping. However, the trust for these kinds of products is much higher than for those which are digital. So it’s always good to have at least one physical product on your site.

Those that are physical are often based on the theme of your website. For example, a watering can for a garden center site.

As explained above, if you want to professionalize yourself, feel free to create your own brand and add your logo and style to your products.

Sell ​​an eBook

The first digital product that you can sell on your site is the ebook. Very quick to set up, it can sell for ten euros and anyone can write one based on this knowledge and their imagination.

However, pay attention to the quality of your ebook. Anyone can create an eBook, but creating a good one isn’t that easy. It is very bad to sell a poor quality product on your site, especially if it is one of the cheapest. If your customers are disappointed, they won’t buy more expensive products from you.

So be careful and create your ebook efficiently, don’t rush it like most people.

Sell ​​video training

As with ebooks, you can sell your knowledge not in writing, but in video this time around!

Video training is very interesting, as it can sell for several hundred or even several thousand euros depending on your eligibility and your reputation in your field.

Do you have a tennis site for example? Well film yourself showing all the basic gestures, techniques, explanation of rules, etc. Then, organize it all in different modules and sell your videos as a video training with a member’s area.

Sell ​​coaching or services

Finally, our last idea for a product to sell on a site is coaching or service delivery.

If you have a website, surely you want to share your knowledge in an area that you are proficient in. So, offer coaching to people who want to go further and progress other than by simply reading one of your articles!

Say you are still in tennis. Offer your coaching services, whether remotely or live.

As for the provision of services, it works in the same way. Let’s say you are a Facebook marketing and advertising specialist. Well offer to do the Facebook ads of businesses and individuals that come to your site.

That’s it for this article. There are of course other product ideas to sell on a website, it’s up to you to see which ones according to your domain. The important thing, you will understand, is especially to have a product to sell so as not to lose potential customers who would visit your site, but will not find products.