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Do you also sometimes receive advice that you don’t want to follow? Because I am on the verge of not following one that I always thought was super important! I have often been made to understand that for write well, you had to write without showing your feelings and state of mind

The problem there now is that I’m pissed off and can’t really hide it. Why am I pissed off? Because we have just been offered to write blog articles only for SEO.

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So there, you are going to say to yourself: “Great, another web editor who comes to mourn when he earns a lot of money by working from home! “. Yes, but no, I’m sure you can all understand how I feel: that kind of insult that affects you when the person who stands in front of you doesn’t understand your job. And even worse, that she is trying to teach you all the more since my personal experience is totally different from that of a SEO professional. My blog for example is only 3 months old, I can’t get to the first page of Google right away. And yet, I still need customers. So how do you do it?

Most of my clients as a web writer are in the same situation as me, or worse. They just hit the market with a new product or a product that already exists elsewhere, and they think that poor quality short articles that nobody wants to read will increase their turnover because they are optimized for SEO.

I thought OK, this time it’s good. I will write an ultra badass article and after that it will be settled for good. I’ll calm them down for all the pro-SEOs. But I’m not going to settle for that, luckily. I’m going to explain to you how I managed to write an article read more than 10,000 times and direct several hundred people to my blog.


Hang on tight because it will shake! And it starts very strong too because I suggest you take a little trip back in time and go back to the origins of the Internet. It was there, at this very moment, in the very first years of Eldorado, that the guys who piss us off today with SEO were born.

The beginning of the end

At the time, most of the guys who were interested in the Internet were not at all guys like you and me, interested in entrepreneurship, culture, good wine and cigars. Not at all, far from it. They were engineers.

There you are going to say to me, “it’s frankly hot, wasn’t it engineers? “. And yes. Normal, at the beginning, no WordPress, no CMS, if you wanted your site, you had to get your hands dirty. And as much to tell you that it was rather dirty.

So, I’ll stop you right away, I’m not against engineers and developers, on the contrary, they are doing a job that I don’t know about and that I use a lot. But there’s still a big problem with these guys, it’s that marketing question, they’re not great, but then really not. To realize this, you just have to look at something very simple: what did the very first websites look like?

Not great is it? I usually hate amalgams, and here I do it voluntarily to intrigue you and arouse your interest. So do I really think it’s the engineers’ fault if everyone is obsessed with SEO today? No.

I think the problem is much deeper than that. Originally, it was scientific thinking that has dominated the internet world. And by scientific thought, I mean a thought of experience and analysis. Nothing pejorative to that, on the contrary besides. If I too am a fan of web marketing, it is good because it is super interesting to be able to observe campaigns and then to draw conclusions from them. And SEO precisely, that’s it, it’s the application of a scientific spirit to online business.

But not that, since it is relatively enigmatic, it is the great mystery of the web. How to be on the front page of Google, nobody really knows. So there are some who pretend they have this Holy Grail from the web and they take advantage of it to sell their content. The problem is that SEO is constantly evolving. The referencing of 2015 does not resemble that of 2005 at all. And 2016 will surely be different in its own way.

In the end, everyone clings to it like a mussel on their big rock because SEO is an easy way to increase your turnover. It’s good if you want some sort of quiet progression. Yes, because it is enough to set up the secrets that everyone has more or less control and to persevere in it for several months to have a maximum of traffic on your site.

Spoiler alert! I’m going to reveal the secrets of SEO. For the first time on the web, these will be arranged in the form of a list in a single article:

  • Keywords ;
  • Keywords on titles;
  • Alternative texts on images;
  • Backlinks;
  • A clean sitemap;
  • And even, if you are really crazy, the semantic cocoon.

Fortunately, the situation is changing. Fortunately it is increasingly difficult to understand how it works. Because when you know that before, it was enough to fill HTML pages with a keyword and color everything in white for it to be invisible, it disgusts a little.

Can you imagine the level of the thing? It feels like the playground, guys really spent 10 minutes (or more) filling an HTML page of keywords, all in white, to appear on the first page. Fortunately I am of the next generation, I would be ashamed otherwise.

It’s all fine, but it’s poor. SEO allows you to earn money by getting traffic, but this is not what will allow you to create a colossal business with a very strong brand image and exponential growth.

Why do I find SEO easy?

Because SEO prevents us from asking real questions about our business. Instead of wondering if we really bring something to our customers, if we solve their problem, if we listen to them and offer them the solutions they need, we prefer to be interested in how to gain more customers using SEO.

Who to blame for this? And can we really blame someone? Even I can understand thatit’s easier to trust an SEO expert than to question yourself, qthat it’s easier to put in place concrete solutions than it is to create the content that your audience needs.

But without realizing it, you are losing face, little by little. In the United States, and needless to say how far they are ahead of us in the web world, we see tutorials on how to write great articles flourish.

As SEO is increasingly focused on high value-added content, some of your competitors have already understood that the key to your business success is not in Google’s hands, but in yours. It’s up to you to unlock all the doors to success by offering your customers the exceptional content they deserve.

If there are SEO experts who read my article so far, I take this opportunity to qualify my point: SEO is essential for long-term site SEO, I will come back to this in a few moments. And what I say difficult to apply to e-commerce sites for which the creation of a semantic cocoon really improves the referencing of the main site not to mention the blog.

How to bet for the long term?

Step 1: Creating exceptional quality content for your customers

Yes, the best way to bet for the long term is to offer your customers very good content. This has several advantages and this is what you will see with the 5 arguments that will encourage you to focus on the quality of the content rather than on SEO:

  • Sale : a text can be just as effective as a salesperson at 120K a year to sell since the text can offer a subtle, implicit sales pitch and littered with calls to action;
  • nurturing : coming to the aid of a customer who is not ready to buy will make him think of you later when he decides to act;
  • Acquisition : attract new customers just because your content is great and the world is hungry for good quality content;
  • Word of mouth : Internet is word of mouth on a planetary scale, if you offer original contents of very good quality, you will be read, seen, shared and commented;
  • Brand image : offering exceptional content to your customers means offering them part of your expertise for free. Nothing like an act of generosity to improve your brand image.

Step 2: Relegating SEO to the background

I never said that SEO was not important or that you should stop worrying about it. What I’m saying is that everyone is obsessed with SEO and misses the real problem who is : have exponential growth based on customer satisfaction.

Keep worrying about your positioning on Google because if you end up on page 12, your turnover will obviously suffer. Only instead of thinking only about SEO and before it gets too complicated, take the lead by offering exceptional quality content.

Moreover, this content does not prevent you from improving your SEOrong>. On the contrary, you can always insert your favorite keywords, your alternative texts and your links. It will work much better than before, already because your content will be longer, but also because what makes SEO today is also popularity, especially on social networks. And of popularity you will have your pockets full if you listen to my advice.

Step 3: Using social media to find your target customers

You got it, if you didn’t already know, SEO is complicated. And even more when we start. So the good tip is to use social media as a lever to direct quality traffic to your site.

There are lots of social networks, is it really useful to use them all? I don’t think so, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on it. But some networks are clearly underestimated.

Take LinkedIn for example, this is the one I use. There are still very few people who use LinkedIn to publish their articles, and the majority of the articles found there are of poor quality.. LinkedIn is therefore a very promising market for all project leaders since there is a whole clientele waiting there. If you listen to my editorial advice, you may even be able to get noticed by LinkedIn like me.

Indeed, LinkedIn is actively looking for creators of very good quality content in order to convince its users to spend more time on their site. If you get spotted and LinkedIn posts your articles in LinkedIn Pulse, its news platform, you will reach 1,000 to 20,000 people in a single article depending on your ability to create exceptional content.

So how do you create exceptional content to get noticed by Google, social networks and especially your customers?

3 tips for creating extraordinary content

Tip 1: Guide the player step by step

Before I even write, the structure of your article should be clear, if not, the reader will get lost in your text. It’s up to you to create benchmarks and move forward logically in your thinking.

Provide the reader with all the information, step by step, to help him regardless of his level of initiation to your area of ​​expertise.

Tip 2: Be accessible

No need to use overly complicated vocabulary or twist your sentences convolutedly. Follow the advice that Boileau gave in thePoetic Art :

“So before you write, learn to think.
Depending on whether our idea is more or less obscure,
The expression follows it, or less clear, or purer.
What is well conceived is clearly stated,
And the words to say it come easily. ”

There is no merit in writing in a complex way. We measure the power of a teacher in his ability to make everyone hear what he means even if these are very sought after concepts. Be a good teacher when you write: intelligible appointment.

Tip 3: Get out of the ordinary in your thinking

Above all, do not write a trivial article on SEO as there are hundreds. If you want to get noticed, the only way is to make a difference. To get there, just think. Get off the beaten track. Don’t be provocative, but reveal inconsistencies, destroy the ways of thinking inside. If you do not see what I mean, I invite you to visit my blog and read some of my articles.

Choose classic themes and revisit them in the light of all your knowledge in various fields. You should succeed without too much difficulty in producing exceptional articles.


In short, you may be in first position on Google, if you don’t bring value to your audience on what they are interested in, then there is no point in worrying about SEO. It all starts with the content and that’s why Google’s algorithm has evolved from before. Instead of pushing SEO to the max, it is necessary above all target what your customers want and offer them exceptional content that they will share with their friends. You will then become first on Google, not on all pages, but on those that really matter.