▷ 5 reasons to organize a Webinar 2020 -

Halfway between the customer meeting and the virtual conference, the webinar is more and more used by companies and agencies. Find out why you should organize yours!


1 / Attract new customers

Without a doubt, the webinar is a great prospecting tool 2.0. For all companies, and mainly SMEs, canvassing their customers is a tedious step. First you have to target, then contact, convince at a distance, make an appointment, and maybe hope to sell at the end of the road. And the cancellation of a client who says to himself overbooked is still possible, several hours of work can be reduced to zero because your prospect is still not won over at the end of your presentation.

Organize a webinaris a bit like taking a shortcut. Free, without obligation, visible from anywhere, the webinar East an easily accessible virtual meeting for both business and prospect. Your potential customer thinks (rightly!) That he has nothing to lose by listening to you, and will be more open and receptive to you.

2 / gain legitimacy easily

Building the legitimacy of your business is undoubtedly the longest step to perform. The webinar offers you a privileged channel to prove yourself. You are live, for a fairly long time, so you cannot deceive your audience. By exposing your words, sharing your expertise without editing, without filter, you show your know-how. Only a true expert in his field will be able to speak with confidence of his activity. And your audience feels it!

3 / Establish a proximity relationship

Don’t have professional equipment? Suitable decor? Are you afraid of looking like an amateur? Forget these excuses! The webinar it is also the opportunity to establish a close relationship with your audience. Your audience will gladly forgive you for an average image quality, if your words are interesting. Better, the lack of “technique” will be filled by your expertise on the subject. What your audience will remember: “This professional / agency / company does not need to impress, his expertise is enough by itself. ”

4 / Build loyalty with an interested audience

The webinar can also become a recurring appointment. Why not offer every week, every month, a virtual conference on a different theme ? Your intervention will become an event awaited by your community, a topic of discussion on social networks, a moment noted on the calendar of your prospects and peers. In this way, you gain the loyalty of your audience AND you develop your visibility.

5 / Optimize your “sympathy capital”

Your company’s image plays a big part in its performance. If your audience perceives you as friendly and warm, in addition to being professional, there is a good chance that they want to work with you! Through a webinar, you also express your personality. Be open, teacher, show that you are committed to sharing your expertise with others. Your sincerity is the key to the success of your webinar !