▷ 5 reasons to work with freelancers 2020 -

Freelancing is on the rise! According to numerous studies, the “independent” lifestyle is in vogue among 18-30 year olds. Good news for businesses after The best of the best. We went to ask them why the freelancers from the new generations allow companies to accelerate their growth …

1 – Because they perfectly master digital

Creating a website or designing a social media strategy is not easy and requires knowledge that did not exist just 10 years ago. From very small businesses to large groups, these are today powerful growth drivers that have become essential. Digital native freelancers are best placed to meet these digital needs. They have been immersed in a digital environment since their youngest ages. Thanks to freelancing, companies have the power to access new skills that have a real impact on their business.

“With Crème de la Crème we can accelerate on all our digital projects without asking questions, with an unlimited talent pool that can work on any subject in record time.” Operations Manager @ Tiller Systems


2 – Because they are flexible

If companies are struggling to recruit talent, it’s because most of them become independent. The Internet now allows us to work easily from a distance. To attend a meeting, you no longer have to be there physically. Messaging software keeps us connected even on the other side of the globe. In a context where supply and demand are sometimes difficult to meet, freelancing is the solution to the problems. This new way of working allows companies to meet new generations on specific projects. They can thus call on an SEO expert, a UX Designer or an Inbound Marketing specialist in just a few clicks. This independence is coupled with a strong multidisciplinarity: most freelancers have a wide range of skills and can generally do the work of several people alone.

“I really appreciated the speed with which we met the freelancers to define our need. Freelancers have been on hand to provide the best solutions and tell us about their progress. ” Ile de England Regional Department @ Leroy Merlin

3 – Because they have a fresh look

New generations of freelancers are not just performers. They grew up in a constantly changing world which forces them to learn to keep their knowledge up to date. So if you ask them for “simple” management of your Facebook page, they’ll tell you about an omnichannel strategy to maximize your chances of hitting your target. In short, freelancers from new generations love the challenge. Creative and pragmatic, they think 360 ° to bring you complete expertise on your projects. Outside your company, they will take a fresh look at your issues and will undoubtedly unlock your projects mired in lack of perspective. Above all, the new generations are your next targets and to understand them, nothing could be simpler than working with them!

“Today, Crème de la Crème does not only respond to a specific need but rather sees my overall problem and their team of internal experts are there to advise me on a daily basis.” CEO @ Axioma


4 – Because freelancing is more than a trend

Make no mistake, freelancing is not a trend. It’s a much deeper movement that tends to become a full-fledged lifestyle just like CDI. Currently 35% of workers in the USA are freelancers, in 2020 they will be more than 50%! If certain companies perceive this evolution as a disadvantage for them, failings to be able to recruit talents, others understood that freelancing allows them to accelerate their projects thanks to talents which would not be accessible without this mode of work. The expansion of freelancing does not mean the death of the traditional business but its evolution; it enables companies to get ahead in the race for innovation.

“Going through Crème de la Crème was much easier and faster than using freelancers in a more traditional way.” Co-founder @ Prêt à Pousser


5 – Because freelancing accelerates your projects

To create your website, you would normally have to call for tenders from different agencies with long and costly processes. Freelancing allows you to quickly find the perfect profiles to carry out any of your projects. In a world where technology prompts us to have to go faster and faster, to be hyper-reactive, freelancers allow you to acquire a form of agility. Working with freelancers guarantees immediate contact and speed in the design of your projects. Simple and efficient, this new way of working allows companies to accelerate their growth thanks to a lighter process method.

“The platform is top notch, especially the speed of execution and the responsiveness that are there.” Partnership Manager @ Ametix

The last word from Crème de la Crème: “Our community of 30,000 freelancers has already collaborated with more than 5,000 companies on thousands of projects! Receive 5 profiles in less than 48 hours and start accelerating your business projects. We are waiting for you on Crème de la Crème! ”