The web is a field full of opportunities that requires such diverse skills that it is often necessary to be accompanied to settle in properly. But great opportunities, great opportunists! How many web providers have disappointed some who were looking to build a site, an application, an SEO strategy or a digital communication plan? Finding a reliable one can be a Kafkaesque task. That’s why we give you a 5 step method to find the right partner which will lay a solid foundation for your web marketing…

1 / Upstream: determine the results you want to achieve

First, you have to start from a very simple assumption: a service provider will only give you what you asked for. While this may turn out to be false and there are a plethora of caring providers, it will save you disappointment. It is therefore a question, prior to your research, of write a specific brief as comprehensive as possible, describing your business and your expectations.

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add specifications of your needs and expectations</strong>. What are the expected business results? What is the objective of your web approach? What are your targets? What features or characteristics do you want to appear in the final rendering? Do not hesitate to water this brief with examples that inspire you and that you would like to adapt to your particular project: a web marketing campaign that marked you, a competing site on which you always come across when you type the keywords of your sector of activity… Also be aware that certain agencies can assist you in the creation of a specific business case.

Also make sure to provide the challenged providers with the context of your business, by communicating all the essential elements. For a website, it is fashionable to describe the visual identity of your brand; for a digital content strategy, be sure to indicate the tone of your usual or desired communication … In short, give the service provider the opportunity to offer you a personalized service, as close as possible to your business!

2 / Find providers: which method?

At this stage, the best still remains to be accompanied by a trusted partner who knows the problems of the web, a consultant or an association, whose objective is to guide you in your digital growth. However, if you are alone in this process, it is a question of going in search of several providers who seem to meet your expectations. There are several possibilities for this:

  • You can from a site / campaign that inspired you, and find the provider who designed it, and then try to contact them. For that, do not hesitate to go fishing for information directly with the first interested parties: former clients of this service provider who can give you their contact and reassure you about their skills and reliability;
  • You can also Search directly for the web service provider of your dreams in guides, directories, on tendering platforms, or simply by asking your peers. Different directories of providers that exist on the web contain a good number of opinions and remarks and can avoid unpleasant surprises.

You will then have established a long list… with whom we will now have to contact!

3 / Contact providers: be specific and request a quote

When contacting a service provider, there are three essential elements to highlight:

  • Your famous brief / specifications, duly written;
  • The quote request, obviously!
  • of the very specific questions on the area of ​​expertise of the service provider: the best is then to go find out on the Internet about the skills necessary for the development of your project, and to reformulate everything in the interrogative form. It is also recommended to ask them questions about the possibilities of your project: how much does he think your Social Media campaign can bring in prospects per month? How much can your digital prospecting plan bring you qualified leads in a year?

Send the same email to everyone to establish a basis for comparison … then wait quietly for their responses.

4 / Digging out the different quotes and responses: hunting for errors

Come on, we’re almost there: you have in front of you 3 to 5 quotes and emails. The first thing to do is to analyze the quality of these quotes, which must precisely meet all the criteria mentioned in your previous discussions, both in terms of the technologies used as well as the objectives and possibilities. It is also important thata price is awarded to each detail of the service, and that it be clarified. Moreover, for a service that delivers you a concrete product (a site, an application, communications, etc.), make sure that the quote provides for after-sales service. We invite you to consult the very good article from La Fabrique du Net on the pitfalls to avoid in quotes for websites which also applies quite well to the world of digital communication and web marketing agencies. This phase should allow you to eliminate several quotes that seem unclear or not honest. There are enough serious providers to ask more details from some who seem unreliable from the start!

In a second time, analyze the answers to the questions you asked them. These must be simple, frank, and above all clear: if your service provider can explain his service to you in broad outline, it is that the communication between you will go well. This is a significant aspect of this research when you know that a multichannel campaign planning lasts on average one year and the creation of a website two months … at least! This necessarily involves a telephone interview or a meeting. Feeling is also essential.

5 / elect the right provider: trust must reign

Last but not least, you now have to choose your chosen (entrepreneur) heart. At this point, you know that everyone who remains on your list seems serious, honest, and fits your needs. Now it’s about making sure.

A significant point to start with: we invite you to trust the service provider who commits to the results, who provides you with figures and offers to follow them to the letter. Such commitment is synonymous with trust, the basis of a solid and lasting relationship. We can only push you to check references of these providers: can they offer you case studies, business cases, examples of results? In digital, everything is measurable, quantifiable: it is therefore quite normal to ask a developer or a web designer for an example of a site and its results (in terms of visits, conversion, etc.), or a portfolio to a communicator. . You can also ask them to call old customers who will be the best prescribers of their skills.

References can also come from partnerships that the service provider maintains : is he a member of associations, public or private organizations linked to his function? Learn about the seriousness of these associations and how your provider engages with them.

That’s it, have you chosen your trusted partner? Put the ring on your finger! We wish you all the happiness in the world … of the web.