▷ 5 steps to make your Personal Branding shine on Social Media 2020 Guide -

What is Personal Branding and why should you care about it? How can your personal brand help you boost your business? Here are 5 steps that will allow you to know more!


Step 1: Define your goals

One thing you should have in mind: everyone has a personal brand. Try typing your first and last name on Google and you will most likely find information about yourself. Not to mention the data that your browser collects on you, your purchasing habits, your browsing history, etc. It’s your online personality. Even if you cannot always control the information extracted from your habits on the web, you will still be able to control your Personal Branding and what is seen of you in this digital world. All this by implementing a personal branding strategy!

If you want Internet users (therefore your future customers or employers for example) to be able to see what you want to highlight in your personality, you must take control of your Personal Branding.

A good personal brand image can take your career and business to the next level, and present yourself on the web as one of the experts in your field or even as an influencer. You have to make your target want to contact you because you are inescapable!

Now ask yourself the question: For what reason (s) do you wish to be known?

The clearer your objective, the easier it will be to reach your goal. Your goal will define your editorial line, otherwise your readers will not understand your positioning and what to do with your information. What direction do you want to give to your business or your career? How do you want to help people?

So many questions you will have to ask yourself before starting your Personal Branding on Social Media.

Step 2: Take stock of your Personal Branding’s current situation

Nothing could be simpler when doing an audit of your Personal Branding. Clear your history and then open a private browsing window. This will allow you to get results regardless of your browsing habits and not influence Google’s algorithm to your advantage. Now go to Google and type in your first and last name.

Are the results the ones you wanted to see on you? Do they reflect the goal you set for yourself? Is it clear what you have to offer? What is your position in the results?

Repeat this process with key words and phrases around your industry and ask yourself how you will be able to stand out from the competition.

Step 3: Establish Your Online Presence

Now that your objective is clear, that you know the positioning of your competitors and your starting point, you will be able to start your online presence.

Who do you want to target? Who is your typical customer? Don’t forget to create a Persona that will help you a lot in defining this.

Depending on the answers you will define, you will be able to start creating profiles on the various Social Media where your target is located. For example if you are in B2B, LinkedIn should not be overlooked. A Google My Business profile is also very effective if you develop your business locally.

Also make sure that all of your profiles are consistent with your objectives, your charter, your tone, your description, your photos …

The creation of content will be essential for your Personal Branding and to establish your expertise. A website is ideal for hosting all your articles and information on your products / services. The objective of Social Networks is also to bring traffic to your website. To do this, high quality content will have to be created.

Step 4: Define your strategy

You can compare Personal Branding to a corporate branding strategy, it works the same way.

We can therefore deduce that you must have a clear and effective strategy. To do this, establish your editorial calendar in advance and define the frequency and type of publications that you will post. Don’t overdo it either, on LinkedIn, posting twice a day is way too much, your relationships will even end up wondering why you have so much free time … So it could be counterproductive.

Post however 1x a day maximum and 3x a week minimum to start having a result.

Regarding the content itself, people want to know more about you. On your journey, your ideas, your successes, your failures which can be inspiring, but not only … They want to learn, to evolve, to find help. And for that you must have in mind some figures which will help you to vary the type of content and develop a strong Personal Branding:

  • 25% of publications will talk about you, your ideas, your successes, your vision of a news;
  • 25% will highlight your blog or other people’s articles but that are relevant to your audience;
  • 40% of interactions with your network because you have to engage with other people to help them and show that you care about their thoughts and issues;
  • 10% can be advertising, highlighting an event, service or flagship product, but don’t overdo it. Promotion is frowned upon, think rather of offering e-books or white papers and get contact details.

Step 5: Persevere on this path

Rome was not built in a day, it will take time and persistence to be recognized as an expert in its field on the web and to create a loyal community is engaged. But persevere, continue to post regularly, and as they say: who sows: harvest.

To conclude, never forget that for things to work in real life and on the web, you have to stay authentic and true to your personality, never forget that what you post is visible to your target, and that more you will remain authentic the more you will attract people who are like you and with whom you will enjoy working.

Stay positive, help others, be authentic, 3 keys for success to be there!