Are you looking to develop your visibility internationally? Good news: social networks are an excellent opportunity to reach out across borders. Today, I suggest that you see together 5 steps to set up an international community management strategy.

1: Lay out your strategy

Before going headlong into the animation of your Facebook page or other social platforms, take the time to put your strategy in black and white. And in case, I remind you that this advice is valid whatever the situation, international or not 🙂

Who are your targets? Think carefully about your targets because they will be decisive in the choice of social networks to favor. Set up personas for each of your targets. The idea is to know the people you are talking to perfectly to design the messages accordingly.

Please note, depending on the country, the personas may be completely different. So be sure to list the countries you want to communicate on, then think about the personas independently, country by country. (For more information on personas, you can read our articles “How to identify your personas and generate more sales” and “Content marketing: what about the reader persona?”).

Then, determine your editorial and commercial objective for each of your personas.

advice : For this first step, be pragmatic! No need for a 50-page strategy document that no one will read, 2/3 pages summarizing the key points will do the trick 🙂

2: Choose social networks according to your personas and their country

You have your personas, well done! Now, you will have to identify the favorite social networks of your personas. Please note: take into account the habits of the target country. If Facebook remains a safe bet in many countries, this social network remains unpopular (even censored) in other countries. For example, the most popular social media in Eastern European countries is VKontakte. In China, WeChat / QZone reigns supreme! A little search on Google should help you to see more clearly according to your target market 🙂

Be careful not to focus only on Facebook! Depending on the target, it is sometimes more judicious to concentrate its efforts of animation on a more restricted network but where the exchanges are more numerous / rich. It will all depend on your target.

Similarly, depending on the time you have to devote to community management, do not go headlong across all social networks. Think quality before quantity 🙂

advice : Do not disperse! Prefer quality over quantity. Better to animate a social network per persona in an efficient and personalized way rather than 10 networks in an industrial way.

3: Adapt your editorial charter

The geographic context (Interesting: Read Clément Pellerin’s article on this subject) and local habits will greatly impact your editorial charter. From one country to another, habits are not going to be the same. For a community management strategy generating international engagement, it is essential to adapt the content to local habits.

You will have to adapt the tone, the way to address your subscribers, the subjects covered, the chestnut trees different from one country to another … It is essential to properly understand local needs to integrate them into its charter. The ideal is to have a community manager native to the target country on your team. He will be able to perfectly adapt the tone, style and content according to the country.

advice : seriously consider having a native community manager on your team, the results will be much better. If you do not have the possibility of recruiting, why not call on specialized companies (Example: Beelingwa which offers this type of service)

4: Adapt your visuals and videos

Similarly, your visuals and videos will have to be adapted to the expectations of the country. Depending on the country, the colors, cultural references and visual / video content will not be the same. Consider feeding on local content to inspire you.

advice : tools can help you make impactful visuals and videos. Do you know Canva, Adobe Spark or Animoto? Go take a look at these 3 tools if you don’t know them yet 🙂

5: Use advertising to “attack” target countries

If you want to build a new community in a country that is not yours, social advertising will be your best asset. Consider reserving an advertising budget, especially on Facebook where the advertising box is becoming increasingly mandatory.

The advantage of social advertising is that you will be able to target people precisely depending of course on their target country but also on their affinities and interest in your brand.

If you are entering a new market, you will have to rebuild a community. Advertising will help you quickly recruit qualified profiles. Think about it!

advice : do not skip the strategy and editorial stages. Before launching your recruitment advertisements, it is essential to have a precise view of your personas to create effective advertising targeting.