▷ 5 techniques to transform visitors into customers 2020 -

Convert visitors to customers is one of the most important things in a business to be able to earn money and therefore make a living from it. This is why we will see in this article 5 techniques for you to convert your visitors into customers …


1 – Capture emails against a gift

The basis of an internet business is capture emails to sell. The goal is to collect as many emails as possible from your visitors, because most of the time, they will not return. For this, you can offer a gift in exchange for the email of your visitors. This can be videos, training, an ebook, etc.

What’s really interesting about this method is that you only have to install it once. Then you’ll always get customers, it’s automatic.

In addition, this method does not make too “seller at all costs! “. The person receives a gift and is not immediately approached to buy a product. If she likes this gift and wants to know more, she will go and buy your own products and become a customer. In the worst case, if she doesn’t buy, it’s a winning email. You can always send an offer later!

Be careful though do not offer products directly with this method. Give the gift in question and after only,go to the sale.

2 – Offer a lot of free content

One of the things that works best to convert a visitor into a customer is simply to offer quality content for free who will help him. If the person has really managed to solve one of their problems with your free content, they will have a reaction that will surely turn them into a customer.

Indeed, once you have helped this person for free, they will either be indebted to you and will want to buy you a product (in addition to wanting to know more), or they will say ” Hula! I received so much information that I used for free that I can’t imagine paying “.

Be careful though don’t give it all in free content, you should never go to the end of things. In this way, you will convince people who need a little help to deepen the subject … via paid content!

3 – Have a product and present it well

techniques to turn visitors into customers

Yes, it may seem simple and basic, but if you don’t have a product, you can never convert a visitor into a customer! Make sure you already have a product, but most importantly,have a product that is suitable for your field! Without a good product, you will have trouble converting your visitors into customers …

The second essential point is to present your product well, whether by its visibility on your site or platform, only by his presentation page (the sales page). To convert a visitor into a customer, it is important to explain the whole product well and to show how the person is located at point A and how the product takes him to point B. Give all the benefits of your product and then present it, say what’s inside or what it brings. The sales page must be really very optimized!

4 – Telling your story

One of the most recurring things that determines whether or not a person has bought a product is feelings. Humans reflect a lot with their emotions and it is the same when buying.

So, take care of the visual presentation of your product to produce a favorite effect. Now if you present your product yourself using a video for example, you should tell your story.

turn visitors into customers

Show your future customers thatwhen you started, you were at the same stage as them and that you followed a method to get out of it. Tell why you wanted to get out of your old situation and what difficulties you encountered in your adventure. Finally, explain how you got out and how you created a product to help people in the same situation change.

Say that thanks to this product the result will be achieved much faster than in your case, because you have made mistakes and that by taking this product, they will not reoccur.

You will understand, do not hesitate to add a maximum of human side, feelings and emotions. Everyone prefers to deal with a human being rather than a robot.

5 – Relaunch visitors on a case-by-case basis

Before explaining to you why it is important to revive your visitors on a case-by-case basis, let’s already see why you have to revive your visitors.

It may very well be that in everyday life people have visited your site and seen your product. Unfortunately, at the same time, they must go to eat or receive an important call. Well unfortunately for you, the person will not ultimately buy your product due to bad luck. It is in this type of situation, which occurs frequently, that you must always revive your visitors.

Now the second part is to revive your visitors so personalized, case by case. No one likes to receive mass messages automatically. Everyone prefers to take a closer look at its differences. This is why you will have to address each of your visitors personally by trying:

  • To find his needs;
  • To find his motivations;
  • And respond by offering the right product.

Each time, you will need to use the characteristics you have on people. By email, it’s complicated. But on social networks for example, use the person’s profile to deduce their interests and personalize your catchphrase!

So much for these 5 techniques. If you apply even half of these techniques, you will immediately see a marked improvement in your visitor / customer conversion. Now, if you unfortunately don’t have customers yet or you are not known, you will have to start by making yourself known and attract new customers to your business. For that, go to the complementary article!