A certain imaginary portrayed entrepreneurs like superheroes. In fact, some aspiring entrepreneurs have found it difficult to get started. But once you’ve found the right idea, how do you proceed? Where do you start when you want to start a business?

There are several approaches to the different stages of business creation, but all agree on key points, particularly in terms of launching a project. So here are the steps, from the evaluation of your project writing your business plan that will help you upstream of your creation.

Training & Co'm

Study your project

It must be the first step from launching your business project. You will have to ask yourself many questions:

  • What are my motivations for this project?
  • What are my skills, my weaknesses?
  • What financial means do I have?
  • How much time will I devote to my project?
  • What is my entrepreneurial profile?

The answers to these questions will help you discover your strengths and weaknesses that will need to be addressed later.

Meet partners (employees, associates, bankers, suppliers, etc.)

You have carried out your personal review and have now listed the skills you will need to carry out your project. Talk about it around you, meet people. This will allow you to find your potential future partners. Indeed, creating alone is possible. But to many, it’s even better! With your future team, start to identify financiers (bankers, private or public organizations for the financing of business creation) and approach potential suppliers. These key partners will bring you elements that will help you in the next phases of your project.

Meet your future customers

Your plan is to sell a product or service intended for a clientele that you “think” you have clearly defined. It is recommended check your assumptions by carrying out market research. This will allow you to validate your conjectures, but above all to refine your customer segmentation.

Define your business strategy

In this phase, you will reflect on the different actions to be implemented to reach your future customers. Your operational segmentation allowed you to detect one or more types of clients :

  • Which product, for which customer and at which price?
  • What are the promotional / commercial actions to be implemented?
  • What are the distribution channels that I prefer?
  • What are the costs / revenues?

As you will have understood, in this part, it will be a question of dealing not only with your commercial and marketing strategy, but also with developing your economic model or (business model).

Write your business plan

In this umpteenth step, it will be a question of putting in writing all your reflections, your ambition, your strategic choices in financial matters within a single document: the business plan. In short, this will be a summary of the responses from the previous steps.

This folder will be your passport to go see the bankers and other investors. Take care of your business plan and believe in your project, because you are only at the beginning of a long and (hopefully) great adventure.

Et pour toutes vos formalités de création d'entreprise, n'oubliez pas de déposer votre annonce légale.