▷ 5 tips for a successful start to web marketing 2020 -

We are in September, and a “back to school” atmosphere hovers on the web. Admittedly, most web marketers have not bought binders for a long time; but back to school marks a milestone in any digital marketing campaign. Where were we before the holidays? What are our results from the last semesters? What projects are we going to launch before Christmas? Here are 5 tips to get you started!


Launch new web marketing projects

Back to school is first and foremost the pleasure of novelty. Ephemeral content, virtual or augmented reality … 2019 is already rich in webmarketing innovations.

But beyond the trends of digital marketing, the perfect back-to-school project is built on the achievements of each campaign. For example, the best SEO students are already anticipating the emergence of voice search on mobile and personal assistants. The phenomenon explodes in the US, and the algorithms are upgraded in French. By 2020, voice search is expected to account for more than a third of all searches.

However, voice searches are different from those typed on a keyboard:

  • Full sentences and questions replace the succession of keywords.
  • Vocabulary is diversifying, and spelling mistakes are disappearing: enough to revolutionize long-tailed SEO targets.

Siri and Alexa’s favorite websites will be the ones that adapt their SEO strategy now.

Strengthen the foundations of its digital strategy

The holidays are an opportunity to take some remedial classes. Each digital marketing campaign has its weaknesses: the main thing is to update yourself pragmatically.

So the vast majority of websites have already gone to Responsive Web Design – if this is not your case, hurry up, you will finish last in the class. Google wants now mobile first, and favors the mobile version of websites for their indexing.

Suffice to say that the transition to mobile marketing is a complex project, focused on a user experience that remains to be consolidated. The start of the 2019 academic year brings solutions to the slowness of the mobile network, a persistent gap in the mobile UX:

  • The Progressive Web App (PWA) accelerates the speed of operation of webapps – and allows them to operate offline.
  • Thanks to a serious boost from Google, the audience of accelerated mobile pages (or Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP) of the major media is surpassing that of conventional mobile pages.

The start of the 2019 school year could therefore be accompanied by a few support courses to properly integrate the new imperatives of mobile marketing.

Set measurable goals for dashboard digital

Who says back, says notebook. Contrary to widespread prejudice, it is not only possible but above all essential to track the ROI of digital marketing campaigns. No more excuses! There is no good goal that cannot be measured, and digital marketing is no exception.

Inexperienced web marketers often settle for indicators that are too basic to be useful. An infographic produced by Reech shows the essential KPIs of influencer marketing: ROI, but also retention rate, sponsorship rate, Cost Per CPE Engagement, Earned Media Value EMV …

It’s a good start ; but to start the school year well, you have to exceed dashboards standardized. We forget them vanity metrics, which are fun but add nothing to the strategy. KPIs only make sense if they demonstrate progress toward a specific goal.

  • For example, a company that wants to gain notoriety will push its press relations and launch a Twitter Ads campaign. It will then measure its audience growth, the impact of its speaking, and compare them to the results of its competitors. The dashboard linked to the campaign should include KPIs such as mentions, the reach, impression, and share of voice.

Each macro-objective is thus broken down into a series of quantified micro-indicators. It’s up to you to analyze your digital marketing strategy, choose how to optimize it, and build the dashboard thanks to which you will succeed.

Meet customers via native advertising

Your customers are also coming back from vacation! Now is the time to welcome them gently.

The reunion of the new school year is at the confluence of two heavy trends in digital marketing: the omni and theinbound marketing. To retain the attention of over-solicited audiences, a neat user experience is no longer enough. We must offer content that brings real added value to readers.

The native advertising perfectly meets these proximity and quality needs. By letting experts recognized by their customers speak on their news, companies double relevant communication with a “recommendation” effect.

Native advertising is now open to businesses of all sizes and across all industries. getfluence maintains a large network of trusted editorial influencers: the idea is to connect advertisers with their ideal spokesperson. For this start of the school year, getfluence offers a free eBook to get back to basics and get started in native advertising.

Advance through web marketing training

It is never too late to go back to school. The digital marketing sector is evolving rapidly, under pressure from technologies with unpredictable potential. The training offers webmarketers a rare chance to stay at the forefront of their profession. And it represents a profitable investment – its impact can be traced up to the increase in profits, as specified above.

It’s not even necessary for digital marketing professionals to return to university to improve their business expertise. The trainings provide them with turnkey solutions to master the tools and levers of Web marketing, of natural reference, and community management.

Sylvain Lembert, the founder of CWT Advertising & Co’m, offers excellent certified webmarketing training. Eligible for the CPF and any other type of funding, the next session starts on October 14. Sign up for 5 days of business excellence!

Article written in collaboration with getfluence.