▷ 5 tips to boost a niche site 2020 -

Creating a niche site is a good way to generate passive and recurring income. However, it is imperative to have a good positioning on the search engines in order to obtain good results. Here are some tips to help you generate traffic and improve the SEO of your website…

Join the site’s Facebook groups

With increasingly stiff competition, it is imperative to diversify traffic sources to improve the visibility of your site. Social networks in general, and Facebook in particular, are a good option for boosting a niche site. On Facebook, the simplest solution to generate traffic is to join groups with the same theme as your site.

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A Facebook group brings together a community around the same theme or the same area of ​​interest. The members of the selected groups therefore represent a well-targeted audience that perfectly matches the theme of your site. As a result, there is a good chance that they will click on the links to your site.

Create a semantic cocoon to boost its internal linking

The semantic cocoon is a SEO technique developed by French SEO Laurent Bourrelly. Inspired by the siloing technique, it allows you to improve the internal mesh of your website and boost your online visibility.

This referencing method consists in organizing the content of a website by linking pages with the same theme within a semantic cocoon. The cocoon is then isolated and the links are very dense. Consequently, the internal linking (internal linking or netlinking), which represents all of the internal links, is then improved.

Well done, the implementation of a semantic cocoon allows facilitate internal navigation on the website.

Get quality backlinks!

By definition, a backlink (BL) is an external link that points to a page on a website. Backlinks are beneficial on two levels. On the one hand, they help optimize off-site SEO and ranking in Google results. On the other hand, they represent a source of traffic to the web pages to which they point.

Please be aware that Google usesPenguin algorithm to assess the profile of backlinks. This algorithm can possibly detect the use of Blackhat SEO techniques aimed at generating a large amount of backlinks in an artificial way. Sites using these prohibited techniques are sanctioned by Google.

To optimize the positioning of a web page in Google searches, it is imperative to generate good quality backlinks. The texts of the links (anchors) must also correspond to the keywords of the target pages. That said, you have to be careful not to over-optimize the anchors so that netlinking looks natural.

Optimize the Call To Action of your articles

The Call To Action or CTA is a formulation which encourages visitors to undertake an action aimed by the webmaster or the advertiser. This action can be a purchase, a download, a subscription to a newsletter, a quote request, a subscription to a service, etc.

This is an important element to boost a niche site. WordStream marketing agency reports that emails with a single Call To Action get 371% more clicks and 1,617% more sales.

To improve the conversion rate and obtain better results, you should choose an irresistible grip. Ideally, you can use a psychological trigger, such as rarity (urgency, limited quantity) or reciprocity (exceptional discount, gift). You must also choose the colors of the CTA button and place it in the right place on the web page.

Do A / B testing on your emails and sales page

Marketers are unanimous that the only way to ensure the effectiveness of a Marketing strategy is to test it before implementing it. That’s why they invented the A / B testing method.

This is a technique used initially in the direct mail marketing then in the Digital Marketing. The principle is simple, but the process is quite laborious. Initially, the marketer creates two versions (A and B) of content (email, form, sales letter, etc.). He then exposes the two versions to two samples with the same characteristics.

At the end of the test, it selects the version which gives the best results. To judge the effectiveness of the version chosen, the marketer takes into consideration several KPI as the conversion rate, the cart rate, and the average basket.


To generate traffic to your niche site, use Facebook groups. Obtaining backlinks, creating a semantic cocoon, and optimizing CTAs also play an important role in SEO optimization. In any case, it is recommended to test the effectiveness of your marketing strategy using the technique of A / B testing.