Boost My Mail is an innovative online solution to automate the deployment of email signatures in a company. A single administrator can manage the email signatures of all his collaborators and thus easily relay communication campaigns in the form of a banner in the email signature. An economical and practical solution to make email signatures a powerful marketing tool. The platform offers visitors the opportunity to test the solution online for 14 days, free of charge and without obligation.

Discover the tips to successfully convert your
customers through a simple email signature

Tip # 1. Proceed
from everyday email to email marketing

1.4 billion is the number of
emails sent every day in England. With an average opening rate of 86%,
daily email has nothing to envy to email campaigns! It’s a
trusted media that should be considered as one of the pillars of web marketing.

Tip # 2. Serving the brand image of a company in everyday emails

A design and uniform email signature serves professionalism
of a company, it is important not to neglect it. It’s a simple way
to self-promote the business and invite customers or
prospects to discover a company or a brand by promoting
their website or by engaging them to follow it on social networks.

Tip # 3. A collaborator email is an advertising space to be exploited

Few communications officers have
the reflex of associating an advertising banner with an email signature, for lack
time or because it’s too complicated in terms of management.

And yet, there is today a very effective return on investment. The Boost My Mail management tool makes it possible to relay promotion campaigns through its employees. Communication is both targeted and non-intrusive. Employees then become brand ambassadors. The more volume, the more impactful the advertising!

marketing signature mail collaborator

Tip # 4 / Include the
email signature in the webmarketing editorial plan

The email signature in the development of an editorial plan does not
should not be relegated to the background. Regular updating of a
signature mail demonstrates the ability of a company to be active in its
communication relationship with a prospect or client. The ideal is to change it
once a week, see once every two weeks. It is
interesting to mix push content and inbound marketing
to push content that will allow you to promote your
offers, but also to communicate about your business expertise. This allows
to maintain a relationship of trust, without being constantly in a relationship
purely business.

Tip # 5 / Measure
campaign performance

The last tip and not the least! To personalize your campaigns and make them even more effective, you have to measure them and use AB Testing. The Boost My Mail solution provides a tracking tool to track the statistics of the banners disseminated.

performance measurement email marketing campaign

We tested Boost My
Mail during the free trial period. Back to our experience

What we liked:

  • The interface
    simple and easy to use.
  • The
    creation of an email signature in two minutes flat.
  • The
    variety in the choice of signature models.
  • The
    possibility of associating several signatures to collaborators.
  • The
    campaign planning.
  • The
    measurement of banner performance.
  • The
    very affordable rate, and at a lower cost compared to the purchase of advertising space
    or email campaigns.
  • The
    synchronization of user information.

What we have less
love :

  • The application
    is not responsive for use on mobile.

How to take charge
the Boost My Mail tool?

Just log on to and create a free account. No need for integration or HTML knowledge, click on the “signature” tab on the platform’s home page. Choose a signature template, integrate your logo and choose the elements you want to appear in the signature (last name, first name, position, phone number, website, social networks, etc.).

Once you’ve set up your signature template, all you have to do is embed a banner and assign your users. To assign your users, the editor will ask you to integrate user information, either in manual input or in synchronization. Once all the elements have been integrated, go to the statistics tab to view the click volume of the banners and the deployment of email signatures. If no signature model is suitable, Boost My Mail offers optional custom signature creation.

signature mail tool

Article written in collaboration with Boost My Mail