▷ 5 Tips to stop procrastinating and start your activity 2020 -

When you want to start an activity, mainly online, you think it’s easy. A PC, an internet connection, and you work days at home, at your computer, at work. The days when you can go shopping at the time you want. The days when you can visit your friends whenever you want. But by the way, when are you going to work? I would like to give you 5 tips that will help you avoid putting off until tomorrow what you need to do …

Your friends will not help you because if you listen to them, everyone will tell you that you are lucky to work from home.

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Certainly in the end they are right, it is worth all the gold in the world to be master of its time, but think that you have to work if you want to develop your turnover.

1 # The art of putting off until tomorrow

It’s well known, when you work at home, the first days are fun, it’s fun, you are motivated.

But you will very quickly be confronted with a scourge that will weigh on your productivity.

And this scourge is putting off until tomorrow what you can do today.

This reaction is human and it will certainly happen to you.

But try to stick to hard work. Make a list of things you must do on D-Day

Plan your days and write it down on a document or diary.

Do not deviate from the rule and do not move on until you have achieved the points you have noted.

2 # Cut out too important tasks

In order not to be discouraged in front of a mountain of work, cut your tasks.

Take those that are long and tedious, then cut them out to do small tasks that you will master more easily than a big project.

Because the real concern is to start something that will seem long and painful to us, you will see that quickly you will be discouraged.

Take a little coffee break, look at your smartphone … and waste a lot of time doing nothing.

To avoid this, break down your tasks so that they are easier to perform.

3 # Reward your brain

Everyone knows the expression of the carrot to make you want to reach a goal.

Well to avoid procrastinating, I advise you to congratulate yourself.

Give yourself a reward.

As soon as a task is completed, if the one was noted in your calendar, strike it out.

Just making this gesture in your head will mean that you have accomplished it.

It may be nothing, but you will see that psychologically it will help you move on and move on.

The human brain needs to be encouraged, so don’t hesitate to reward yourself.

However, be careful not to reward yourself with food because you will quickly taste anything and eat a bad diet, you will see that in front of your PC you will quickly get fat.

4 # Schedule a time for your tasks

To help you move forward in your day and avoid procrastination, plan how long you should spend on each task.

When you write down the tasks to do in a day for example, add a time to each of them.

To keep your maximum concentration and have the brain ready to work, limit your actions to 45 minutes.

It is better to focus perfectly on a job for 45 minutes rather than trying to spend 5 hours there, your brain will be stewed.

Your attention will no longer be there and neither will your concentration.

Prioritize limited times by task. 45 minutes is the right compromise to fully use your brain’s concentration and get the best productivity possible.

When you start your online business, you think you can work many hours every day.

It is indeed feasible, but you will quickly run out of breath, this is why it is recommended to note a maximum time in front of your tasks.

5 # Take breaks

I was talking about planning your tasks in point number 4, and this 5th will corroborate the previous one by adding a break time.

Your brain is boiling, so don’t pull the rope.

For optimal concentration, try to give yourself 10-15 minutes of breaks at the end of your completed task.

If you’re behind your computer, stand up, stretch your legs. Go have a coffee, or drink a glass of water.

Make sure you get a moment before continuing with the rest of your ToDo list.

Nothing like the will

There are many tips to avoid procrastinating, but one that is valid all the time and for everyone is willpower.

When you have the will to get there, your goals will be more easily achievable.

You get to be productive and you will see the work that you will have done, when you make monthly points for example.

Analyze everything you have done and you will realize that combating the scourge of procrastination, using simple methods, will help you succeed in developing your business.