▷ 5 tools to regularly create and publish content on Instagram 2020 -

According to many blogs, 80% of Instagram users follow brands. Thanks to social networks, companies and entrepreneurs have the possibility of communicating free of charge on their products and services with a specific target in order to develop their activity …

To gain visibility via social networks, it
must create and share content regularly.

In this article, we focus on the tools to create engaging content and manage your Instagram posts.

This social network has become in a very short time a platform
essential and especially for young people. Users of
under 25 spend 32 minutes a day on Instagram (official figure of
September 2017).

To optimize Instagram’s potential, here is
my top 5 content creation tools.

1 / Canva: Create beautiful images for your stories and posts on Instagram

Canva offers a base of predefined templates
and modular to create powerful visuals! This tool helps you
stitch images and text to create posts on Instagram.

Whether on desktop or on the application
mobile, using Canva is very simple. You easily create
original images and publications without being a professional
of design.

You can of course start from an empty template and
compose your own creation.

What I like about this platform:

  • It is also available on computer (PC,
    MAC…) only on mobile (Android / iOS)
  • The formats and sizes of the visuals are
    predefined and adapt directly to Instagram formats
  • It is also useful for other designs and
    documents: flyers, CV, leaflet
  • The use is simple and intuitive
  • The free version allows you to do a lot of things

Where to find Canva?

On desktop, click here.

On mobile, click here.

Canva in pictures…

2 / The Giphy application: Access thousands of GIFs on your mobile

UnGif is an animated image to illustrate a situation with a touch of humor. Generally, some social networks like Facebook give the possibility to share a GIF directly via the interface.

Unfortunately, it is not possible on Instagram
to publish them directly. The Giphy app gives you access to millions
GIFs of different forms to associate with your publications. You just have to
save them to your phone’s media space and then publish them
on Instagram.

It’s a way to capture the interest of your
audience by adding a touch of humor to your publication.

What I like
with the Giphy app:

  • The app is
    100% free and WITHOUT advertisements;
  • It exists
    different formats of GIFs;
  • It’s very
    handy for quickly illustrating information you want to share
    with your audience.

Where to find

  • On desktop, click here.
  • On mobile, click here.

Giphy in pictures…

3 / Adobe Lightroom CC: Edit and embellish your photos like a Pro

Adobe Lightroom is one of the most popular software for photo editing. It therefore seemed essential to list it among the top 5 applications for Instagram. Adobe Lightroom allows you to make several changes such as cropping the image, brightness, color contracts, etc. You can play with many parameters to get a photo consistent with your style and your Instagram feed.

Tips: it is important to keep a visual consistency on
your Instagram feed to make it attractive. For this, I advise you to
define your own graphic style and try to follow it as much as possible on
your photos (brightness, predominance of certain colors, etc.). Adode Lightroom is a great way to bring all your images together
common style to give soul and style to your Instagram account.

What I like about it
Adobe Lightroom CC:

  • The application
    on mobile is very easy to use
  • The
    basic photo editing features are free
  • Formats
    Instagram are predefined

Where to find Adobe
Lightroom CC?

  • Desktop: Click here.
  • Mobile: Adobe Lightroom CC.

Adobe lightroom CC in pictures…

4 / Story reposter: Share with your audience the stories that particularly marked you

This application allows you to repost an Instagram story that you want to share with your audience. What’s very interesting is that Story reposter automatically mentions the author of the original post. So you respect copyright. You simply share with your audience the stories that you liked.

If you hesitate to repost
content that is not yours, remember that your audience will fall
whatever happens. As much as it comes from you!

You can also use
this tool to save the stories that inspire you on your phone.

Tips: I still advise you to continue creating
your own content to bring more value to your audience and
especially your point of view.

What I like
with Story Reposter:

  • You stay present on your social networks by sharing content that
    might interest your audience
  • You can save the stories that inspire you on your phone.

to find Story Reposter?

Story Reposter in a few pictures…

5 / Hyperlapse:

This tool allows you to create time lapses, that is to say accelerated videos directly from your smartphone. Hyperlaspe’s stabilization technology allows you to erase shakes and have a “cinematic” look. With this application, you can choose the acceleration speed of your video.

Tips: Visual communication is
much appreciated today. Hyperlapse lets you create fast videos
to give an overview of a lived experience, to tease a new product or
well even show the backstages of your business. Time-lapse video is a
great way to quickly grab your audience’s attention
giving maximum information in a short time.

What I like about Hyperlapse:

  • The stabilization technology allows you to have videos with little shaking;
  • You can choose the acceleration speed of your video;
  • This application is very easy to use and without advertising;
  • It is an application created by Instagram and therefore perfectly adapted to the Instagram format.

Where to find

Mobile (Click here).

Hyperlapse in
some pictures…

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