▷ 5 very simple ways to promote your business 2020 -

With the new year coming, you are surely already setting your goals for the coming months. You are surely thinking of the possibilities to make your company known to your customers. Your challenge: do it by spending as few dollars as possible. Is it possible ? Indeed, there are several approaches to publicize your business and to be talked about, all without breaking the bank. So we’ll show you 5 easy ways to do it…

Humanize your business

One simple and very inexpensive way to do this is to make sure your customers know who is running your business. With the growing competition these days, customers definitely buy more when they can associate a face with a brand. So get involved in your region, be present at the activities of entrepreneurs, take time to chat with customers who come through your business … You will thus be able to develop a relationship of trust with them and demonstrate to them that they are important to you. not just numbers.

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Use social media

It is a must. Social networks are an option that should not be overlooked to promote yourself. On LinkedIn, for example, find the groups that reach your customers the most and act as a “problem solver”. Social media will allow you to know the needs of your prospects and learn more about them. As in the previous point, you will thus develop a relationship of trust with them and make them remember you.

Use the video

I know, I’m already hearing some of you say: “I am not very comfortable in front of a camera”, “It will not do anything for my business …”. However, using video for a business is a “must” because it makes it more concrete. You can make simple information capsules that answer questions from prospects / customers, or that demonstrate how your products or services meet their needs.

Develop your network

Often overlooked, but oh so important, your business network is an important aspect of promoting your business. Whether by events of any kind or on social networks, meeting people is still a safe bet. Knowing business people from different backgrounds will always be helpful because they will become ambassadors for your business. Make sure they have your name in mind when asked, “Do you know someone who …?” This technique is simple and won’t take you very long.

Create a blog

Another essential tool: the company blog. It will allow you to communicate with a very large number of people on a regular basis. While it may seem daunting, with a good inbound marketing strategy in place, it’s easier for you to have an effective and profitable blog. In addition, the blog will serve as a gateway for your prospects to visit your website. You will therefore increase its notoriety at the same time and will be much better referenced compared to your competitors.

Here are 5 easy solutions to make yourself known without having to invest thousands of dollars in advertising and marketing. The important thing is to remember that the customer increasingly prefers to buy from a “person” rather than a “business”.

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