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Content Marketing refers to the art and the way of offering useful content, adapted to your target, to increase your notoriety as well as your conversion rate. However, for its success, it is not enough to write just any article! If you do not adopt a reflection and a strategy centered on your customers, your chances of success will be very slim. So here are 5 exclusive ways to sabotage your Content Marketing and never succeed in achieving your goals!

1. Not having an editorial line

Not having an editorial line is insane when it comes to web content! It’s what defines the creative methodology, it’s the rudder without which you risk going under the radar with uninteresting or unsuitable content.

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Do you want your Content Marketing strategy to fail? So never ask yourself any questions about the objectives of your content, where your target audience accesses the information, the content they need to make their decisions and the format they prefer.

2. Be self-centered

To scare your readers, there is nothing like abusive self-promotion!

Of course, the end goal of your Content Marketing strategy is to turn your visitors and subscribers into customers, but is that a reason to constantly tell them about you, your business and its offerings, with no added value?

In order for your content to serve your objectives, it must above all serve the reader. Indirectly value your services in articles that are full of advice for your prospects, in studies which demonstrate the importance of your activity to fulfill their objectives or case studies which prove that your products / services have the expected results.

3. Copy on others

Creating original content is essential for your e-reputation and your SEO. Conversely, starting to copy the work of others is a very good way of not developing your audience.

Doing research online to flesh out your articles doesn’t mean copying / pasting someone else’s production. Even if you rewrite it to your sauce, always make sure to add additional tips and go further than the source.

If you bring the same thing as your competitors to your prospects, why would they come to you? You might as well stay with the company that seems to always be one step ahead of you!

4. Hate web writing

Not everyone has the makings of a web editor. Wanting to write anyway remains a great idea to penalize your Content Marketing. Your articles will certainly be awkward, perhaps even not very qualitative. Not to mention that you will quickly get tired of it and that you will abandon your blog altogether!

So, if you don’t like writing, know that there are platforms capable of providing you with authentic, optimized and relevant content.

5. Ban the relevance of your articles

To begin, let’s answer the question: what is a relevant article?

It is a text optimized for SEO, but also (and above all) for readers. It is an article whose title promises an answer and whose body keeps its promise. Consequently, it is content that responds to a problem regularly encountered by your prospects, but which also supports their buying motivations, while refuting their brakes.

You don’t want your content to actually help your visitors, because you are afraid that they will never contact you if you do some of the work for free? Well done, this is an unstoppable method for penalizing your Content Marketing!

And there you have it all in hand to sabotage your content strategy. If that’s not your goal and you want to energize it, then don’t make these mistakes! Offer added value to your audience, offer them a unique vision of your activity and focused on their needs.

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