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Do you dream of having a business site and creating a large community and content in your niche? Here are 53 essential plugins for business sites that will help you be more successful …

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plugin 1

OptinMonster is the most popular conversion rate optimization software. It allows you to convert visitors who leave your site into email subscribers. If you want to grow your email list, this is a must-have WordPress plugin in 2016.

plugin 2

Logaster Logo Generator is an online logo creation and brand identity service (favicon, business card, header, envelope). Just enter the name of your website and the plugin will create dozens of logos that will be saved to your media library.

You can then choose one of the proposed logos and save it if you are satisfied with it. Otherwise, you can change all aspects of your logo, such as colors, font, icon and positioning. With Logaster, you can create a brand identity and save on your logo design to grow your business.

plugin 3

As a business owner, giving your customers the opportunity to contact you should be your number one priority. This allows them, as well as readers, to communicate with your team for suggestions or queries. WPForms is the most accessible contact form plugin for WordPress for beginners. This drag-and-drop online form creator makes it easy to create contact forms, registration forms, order forms, payment forms and any other type of online form in just a few clicks.

plugin 4

There is a good reason why this plugin contains the word “big”: it is much more than a contact form creator. It shows your business hours, how to get there, and other similar information. However, its most interesting function is its ability to create a reservation form so that visitors to your site can schedule an appointment with you.

There are several display options to allow you to present your forms in the best possible way according to your theme and needs. And as if all of these aren’t enough, BigContact also offers a basic spam filter so you don’t have to worry about spam.

plugin 5

One of the main tasks of any webmaster and internet marketer is to keep track of website visitors. Keeping track of all the links in your articles and pages can help you improve your conversion rate. But manually adding Google Analytics custom variables to each link can be very time consuming.

Faced with this, you can try using the WordPress Google Analytics plugin. This plugin allows you to define custom variables and track each outgoing link, including downloads. And no need to worry about manual code insertion, everything is managed automatically by this plugin. Just place the links in visual mode or in the HTML text editor.

plugin 6

MailChimp is the leading provider of email marketing services. It allows you to create email lists and send emails to your subscribers. It is by far the most accessible platform for beginners, with quick and easy set-up.

plugin 7

After registering a subscriber, most of the work begins: converting an interested person into a paying customer. Your success will be determined by the quality of the emails you send. And in our view, aesthetics is part of quality. So make sure your emails are fun to look at. If you want to create beautiful newsletters in WordPress, you need the MyMail plugin, available for $ 39 on CodeCanyon.

plugin 8

It is an essential e-commerce plugin for anyone who might need it. If you plan to set up an affiliate site or offer your own brand and want to sell products directly on your website, Woo Commerce is perfect for you.

It has everything you could need to create a perfect brand, from the ability to accept multiple payment methods to a simple payment process. It also offers several options: free delivery, coupons, PayPal integration, payment upon delivery, as well as the possibility of integrating Google Analytics.

In addition, during installation, the administration panel is very easy to manage to control almost everything on your website. You will also get several custom widgets to significantly improve your e-commerce experience.

plugin 9

WP eCommerce is another easy-to-use yet powerful WordPress e-commerce plugin. Developed by Justin Sainton, Dan Milward and Gary Cao, WP eCommerce allows you to customize your HTML and CSS to have total control over the look of your online store. Whether you are selling your local inventory, digital downloads or subscriptions, this amazing plugin makes selling a breeze.

plugin 10

Ecwid is a powerful, secure and easy-to-use shopping cart solution that lets you sell on your WordPress site. Join over 900,000 sellers from 175 countries and sell worldwide with over 40 international payment options, real-time delivery and support for 45 languages.

plugin 11

Want to install a notice section like Yelp on your site? Or maybe just a list of resources for visitors to your site? Business Directory Plugin allows you to create an interactive directory on your site. A premium module is even offered and allows you to accept payments by PayPal … Perfect if you want companies to pay to appear on the list.

plugin 12

Security is a real concern for online business owners in 2016. To address this, Sucuri’s web application firewall is probably one of the best protections you can get for your site. It tracks and protects it from denial of service attacks, malware, XSS attacks, and basically all other types of attacks.

plugin 13

If you want your site to grow and prosper, you have to defend it from the most common attacks. It is with this in mind that iThemes Security Pro protects your website from the most common security breach. It does this by using strong passwords, hiding your login page and reducing the number of failed attempts.

You can also use the plugin to ban bad users, to be notified when files are modified and to lock your WordPress administration interface during the hours when you know you won’t be using it.

plugin 14

This plugin allows you to easily add test articles to your WordPress site with an incredible amount of customizations available. You can choose to use stars, points, or percentages for the ratings. Another advantage of this plugin: it is fully compatible with the networks of several sites.

plugin 15

This plugin is one of the coolest to allow your visitors to share their opinion on the site. You can allow them to upload video testimonials and publish their own photo, audio and text content in their comments.

plugin 16

As the name suggests, this plugin will automatically generate general conditions and a privacy policy while easily displaying this content with shortcodes. If it is not a substitute for professional legal services, it remains a plugin to take into consideration in the interim or if your budget is limited.

plugin 17

The Sitestillup plugin consults your site every hour to make sure it is still functional. If it is not, you are notified immediately. Your site is also scanned for viruses, and this plugin offers a verification symbol to display on your site to reassure your visitors when they know that your site can be opened safely.

As this plugin will check your availability regularly and frequently, you won’t have to worry about traffic, sales or lead losses linked to an unavailability of which you are not informed. It is easy to use and install, but requires the creation of a free account on the corresponding site.

plugin 18

Types lets you create fully adjustable post types, and even include multiple multi-line fields with the WordPress visual editor. But that’s not all. You can also add custom fields to user profiles. You can even control the fields that each type of user can see and modify.

plugin 19

WP-Invoice is a multifunctional plugin for making quotes. It allows you to invoice your customers, but also to process payments securely with PayPal or Authorize.net. The quotes you create are very customizable, and you can email a link to your quote to customers. If you have activated user registration, you can also have pre-filled quotes for an improved user experience.

plugin 20

WP Project Manager is a great way to manage the writing of any type of project with your team or your contributors from the dashboard. You can communicate, plan projects, assign tasks, and even upload files for review. It is easy to install and use, and at the same time allows you to restrict or allow access to members. It also offers an agenda to display all tasks visually. Another feature: you can set a time limit for each task with a start and stop countdown to improve efficiency and reduce redundancy.

plugin 21

Speaking of security, there is no better security than a reliable backup system. As a business owner, you cannot afford to lose data about your business and your customers in the event of a hosting server failure or attack. The first thing you need to set up on all of your WordPress sites is a backup plugin. So we recommend using BackupBuddy, as it is the most reliable and easiest way to back up and restore your WordPress sites with a few clicks.

plugin 22

The Yoast plugin is one of the most downloaded and popular in its category. It’s smart, performs advanced page analysis, and lets you add custom meta descriptions as well as keyword tags. In addition to that, you take advantage of several settings for your website. For example, you can add no follow, no index, or nodir tags across your entire site or on specific pages and publications. You can also control the referencing of specific publications, keyword pages, archives, categories and author profiles.

In addition, this plugin integrates the Facebook tag and Twitter metadata well into the HTML structure of your page. This allows you to make your articles more suitable for social networks, and indirectly strengthens your presence on social media as well as your traffic.

plugin 23

SEOPressor is a premium all-in-one WordPress plugin: it takes care of SEO both on and off the page. It can make your website more social by adding Facebook Open Graph tags and Twitter metadata. In addition, it has a very intelligent link creation function which allows you to link your internal pages without the slightest click.

plugin 24

Call to Action Buttons is the easiest way to boost your conversion rate all at once. It is true that these buttons are not often optimized for SEO and are generally made in JavaScript or Ajax, or use an image, but you can easily control the design, color, font, and color of the text. You can also add rel no follow or dofollow tags, a very rare feature that preserves the ranking of your page. You also have several gradient-based variations and the ability to open affiliate links in a new window.

plugin 25

Social media is the biggest source of influence on the web because it can improve the visibility of your brand. They also have a great place in the field of SEO, which explains the interest in taking care of it. This plugin will help you provide your subscribers with all the latest information in an easy and instant way. You only have to connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts to share your publications and the image on your Facebook page and your Twitter account.

plugin 26

Hello Bar allows you to add a bar above your WordPress site where you can retrieve email addresses, add sharing buttons on social networks or encourage your visitors to click on a link.

plugin 27

If you run a business, professionalism is the rule of thumb. Everything you do will influence how your business is viewed, so you must act for the best at all times. Take for example updating your website, something we all need to do from time to time. A site with lots of parts under construction, fill text and elements that don’t work will have a hard time impressing visitors, right? If someone visits your site at this time, they will find your business more than a fan.

So what is the solution? This is relatively simple: display a home page in maintenance mode. It’s not ideal, but it’s much better than a half-finished site! If you want to add a maintenance mode screen, we recommend the Anticipate plugin from Elegant. Simply activate maintenance mode and your visitors will see a simple and stylish maintenance mode page.

plugin 28

Search engines are not the only way people have to find you. If you publish interesting content and your customers like what you do, you can attract a lot of traffic through your social media pages. This of course requires a plugin for this purpose. I know I’m not objective, but even speaking in an impartial manner, the Elegant Theme Monarch plugin is one of the very best social media plugins available.

Monarch lets you add colorful and stylish sharing buttons to your site in five different places. Additionally, there are an impressive number of over 20 social networks supported so you can target all the major social networks. The plugin has minimal impact on loading time, and you can also track the number of shares on networks with full dashboard statistics.

plugin 29

Content marketing is a great way to grow your business. Publishing quality content not only allows you to gain visibility on search engines, but it also strengthens your expertise in your sector, which will make you attract more customers. That said, publishing quality content is a painstaking and time-consuming task. If you need help, CoSchedule is there for you.

CoSchedule offers its own editorial calendar feature that allows you to use drag and drop to reprogram your publications. In addition to this, you have the possibility of scheduling your publications on social networks.

plugin 30

JivoSite offers you a really practical, easy to use and affordable live chat solution. It is a professional live chat for websites specially designed to improve online sales. It offers a practical interface for having several chats simultaneously and quickly responding to new instant messages. The JivoSite plugin also allows you to integrate the JivoSite code on your website without modifying your theme.

plugin 31

One of the most important SEO success factors is loading speed. The fastest sites are the highest ranked on Google, which means more visitors and more conversions. W3 Total Cache allows you to offer your visitors compressed and cached files and thus reduce the load on your server. Your site will become faster.

plugin 32

Images and other static content on a site take longer to load. If you want to make your site even faster, you must use a CDN to deliver your static files. MaxCDN is the most reliable CDN service, and it integrates easily with WordPress.

plugin 33

If you can easily create image galleries with WordPress without using a plugin, these galleries are pretty basic. Envira Gallery allows you to create responsive galleries in WordPress. You can create multiple galleries, add them anywhere on your site, create albums, open images in lighbox pop-ups, and more.

plugin 34

Now let’s move on to something a little different. Users decide in seconds whether a site is right for them or not. In other words, the first impression counts, and it matters a lot. The Video Intro for WordPress plugin allows you to welcome your visitors with a full screen video. If you’ve invested a lot of money in action-driven video advertising for your business, now is the perfect time to display it. Visitors will be redirected to your home page after the video starts, and they can access it faster.

plugin 35

Sliders on WordPress home pages allow you to quickly display your content, products and ads in an optimized and interactive way. Soliloquy is the best WordPress slider on the market because it allows you to easily create your own sliders and add them anywhere on your WordPress site.

36. Events +

plugin 36

Create, share and manage your next webinar, monthly course, fundraising, live virtual sale, concert … Control everything, from invitations to ticket sales and promotions.

plugin 37

Easily manage your studio, living room or clinic calendar in WordPress and give your customers the ability to book online – whether you’re a training team or a large team spread across multiple locations.

plugin 38

CoursePress Pro allows you to quickly create beautiful courses, all on WordPress. Whether you sell or share your knowledge, this plugin will save you time and make your work stand out. Create video-based courses, share audio, create quizzes, give users the ability to download and participate in discussions. Reach more people by reaching out to students with different learning styles.

plugin 39

Easy Plugin for AdSense manages all aspects of AdSense: insert ads in articles and sidebars, and add a Google Search field. It offers you a very easy method to generate income from your blog using Google AdSense. With all its features, Easy Plugin for AdSense is perhaps the first plugin to offer a complete solution with everything related to AdSense.

plugin 40

With a simple shortcode, the Business Deal Countdown plugin adds a configurable countdown timer to your WordPress site. Don’t think for a second that this is a regular countdown because it is anything but that.

With the shortcode, you can place the countdown on the article or page of your choice and display the time remaining before the end of the exclusive offer. It will make the page inaccessible after the time has elapsed. At that time, users will be redirected to another page of your choice, such as the one that explains that the special offer has expired.
Why is it so important? Adding a limited time for your potential customers will make them act quickly. They will be more likely to read the content of your offer and take action for fear of missing out.

plugin 41

To keep your subscribers engaged on social media, you need to post content frequently. Buffer allows you to easily schedule your posts throughout the day to keep your social media accounts active while you are working on something else.

plugin 42

As a business owner, you need to make the best use of your time, but you can’t be everywhere at once. This is where IFTTT comes in: it lets you make the Internet work for you.

plugin 43

When launching a new product or website, you may need to add a FAQ section on WordPress. You can add a new page with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), but in most cases the FAQ grows as your product and customer base evolves. By adding this section, you can significantly reduce the loading time of your customer support and improve conversion. See how to add an FAQ section in WordPress.

plugin 44

When managing your WordPress sites, you sometimes need to add bits of code to your site’s header or footer. This involves modifying the theme files, and you can make a mess of it and break your WordPress theme. Insert Headers and Footer lets you easily add bits of code to your WordPress site without modifying your theme files.

plugin 45

WordPress themes are based on CSS for the visual aspect of your site. If you want to customize your theme, you will need to learn CSS, which can be time-consuming for a business owner. CSS Hero is a WordPress plugin allowing you to customize any WordPress theme without having to write any line of code.

plugin 46

As a business owner, you now realize that having items on your pages differently can lead to more conversions and sales. But how do you create these home pages without learning to code? Beaver Builder is a powerful drag-and-drop building tool for WordPress that makes it easy to create your own pages using a simple user interface.

plugin 47

Google Apps for Work is a suite of web applications, including email, documents, spreadsheets, and more. Created by Google, this powerful suite of office applications is cheaper, easy to use, without any headache. Even better, it allows you to use your own domain name for email.

plugin 48

Freshbooks is cloud accounting software for professionals, freelancers and agencies. It allows you to easily send quotes to customers, receive payments and manage your finances.

plugin 49

If you need a solution for your business site for users to book and pay for appointments, BirchPress is for you. It allows you to easily add a complete online booking system to your WordPress site.

plugin 50

WordPress Landing Pages allows you to design a home page with its visual editor that gives you the ability to view changes on the fly. You can clone old splash pages, do A / B tests on conversion pages and extend the plugin with third-party add-ons. The plugin also allows you to choose from several custom home page designs or to implement your blog theme on the home pages.

plugin 51

This plugin offers you a “coming soon” home page with responsive and professional designs. Easily add your company logo and social media icons, change the background color and customize the page style to fit your brand.

plugin 52

Slack is a team management, productivity and communication tool that is used to communicate with a team spread over different time zones and regions. Slack is more convenient than email, and can be integrated with a plethora of other online tools you may already be using.

plugin 53

Zendesk is the market leader in smart, agile and practical customer support software. For growing organizations, this is the quickest way to get great customer service. Zendesk for WordPress lets you have your Zendesk-based help desk on your blog or site.


With all of the plugins on this list, you should be able to give your business site all the functionality it needs to satisfy your customers and set yourself apart from the competition. Of course, this is a non-exhaustive list, and I now need your help.

So what other WordPress plugins do you find essential for business sites? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below!

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Vasil Holiney is a digital marketing specialist and a content marketer at Logaster. He has worked in the social media space since 2011, focusing on design services, user interface planning, brands and other areas in the desi industry.