Amazon represents more than 17% of the online sales market in England. The e-commerce giant is one of the largest and fastest growing resellers on the web. Many companies sell their products on Amazon. If you want to grow your business on Amazon and reach more customers, you need to optimize your product listings for the Amazon search engine. On this page, we present six tips to help you improve your Amazon SEO.

How does SEO on Amazon work?

Before we delve into our Amazon optimization tips, it’s important to understand how Amazon classifies products. Especially since the way people search on Amazon is different from that of Google. If you are experienced in Google SEO, there will be certain specifics to take into account.

When people do research on Amazon, they can only find your product pages if their queries match your keywords. In other words, you need to use keywords that your audience uses so that they can find your products.

It’s important to note that Amazon’s A9 algorithm focuses on displaying products that have a high probability of buying in the first place. The algorithm focuses on two factors: performance and relevance. Performance is based on how your products sell (their sales history). Relevance is based on how well your keyword matches the search query.

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The choice of keywords is critical. It is not enough to put keywords on your listing for your products to be classified. You must offer products that consumers will want to buy or that consumers already buy frequently.

Indeed, it is the association of the keyword with an act of purchase which signals to the Amazon algorithm that your product is relevant.

Amazon cares about its buyers. The search engine wants to display the products that best match their requests. When optimizing your product pages, you need to focus on the buyer’s experience … looking to improve it.

6 tips to improve your SEO on Amazon

If you want customers to find your products, you need to work on your SEO on Amazon. Better visibility will allow you to reach more interesting prospects who are interested in your products.

Tip # 1: Don’t neglect keyword research

If you’ve already done SEO, you probably know how to do keyword research. With Amazon SEO, keyword research is akin to traditional SEO on Google.

Just like SEO optimization on Google, you need to focus on long tail keywords. These are keywords that contain three or more words. When people search for products on Amazon, they use long tail keywords to find products.

The long tail will help prospects find your product listings. It is important that you limit yourself to the relevant keywords. There is nothing worse than putting lots of keywords in the title and bullet points produced, hoping to reach more people.

Amazon rewards relevance. So stay relevant.

To help you find the right keywords for your Amazon SEO campaign, you can use a tool like Helium10.

It is a keyword research tool that specifically focuses on queries entered on Amazon. It gives you the search volume for each keyword, which allows you to prioritize them.

Once you have selected your keywords, you must integrate them into your product sheets. You must insert them in the key places that are the title and the bullet points produced.

Amazon will index these fields and your products will appear in the search results for the targeted keywords.

Tip # 2: Monitor product reviews

Product reviews are a crucial part of any product page. They can tell the difference when they decide to buy. On Amazon it is very important that you monitor the reviews posted on your products.

In general, the products that top Amazon search results have four or more stars. These are products that have received great reviews and that people appreciate.

When your audience leaves comments, you may receive negative reviews. When managing your reviews, you should take the time to respond to negative reviews. This will prevent you from deterring future customers and will show that your business is committed to the customer experience.

Your responses to negative reviews allow people to see how you manage customer service. If you are proactive, looking to fix issues, offering to replace broken or damaged products, answering questions? Then you will encourage more people to buy your products. They will have more confidence that your business is taking issues seriously. And if they have a problem with your products, they will know that you will be there for them.

Good customer review management will lead to more conversions and positive reviews. This will improve your ranking in Amazon search results because customers are attracted to product pages with a large number of positive reviews.

Tip # 3: Work on your title in depth

The title is the most important field for SEO. The way you formulate your title will greatly affect your appearance in the search results. It is important that you include all the essentials in your title, including the main keywords and the elements of the long tail.

Always put the main keyword at the start of the title. Be aware that people are scanning search results. So you have to go to the basics and call a spade a spade.

This is even more true on mobile, on which the titles are truncated. Only the first few words appear, so use them wisely to get the person’s attention.

When you optimize your title, you want to place your most relevant keyword first. So people will always see your most important keyword, no matter how short or short the title in the search results. It also allows your product pages to appear on relevant search results.

Tip # 4: Use images to improve conversions

Images play an essential role in the purchasing process. People need to see products from different angles to get a better idea of ​​how they look. This is key to building confidence, especially since customers cannot physically see the product before purchasing.

Amazon encourages you to use product images larger than 1000 × 1000 pixels. Indeed, they are zoomable, which allows users to see more details. If you want to provide an even better experience, you can use images larger than the size indicated above. Just be careful to keep the zoomed image readable. Too much detail, too much zoom will not necessarily improve the user experience.

Before making a purchase, most people take the time to look at your products in detail. Inspecting the product from every angle gives you a better idea of ​​how it looks. Including multiple photos at different angles is also a good step, as people need to get a clear picture of your product before they can buy it.

Adding zoomable images has no direct impact on your Amazon SEO, but it improves your conversion rate. When you earn more conversions, you improve the ranking of your ad. Amazon puts you more forward. It can also help you get more feedback, which also has a positive impact on the performance of your product pages.

Tip # 5: The price also affects SEO

Price is an important factor for consumers. They want the best possible product at the best price. When you put your product online on Amazon, you have to look at the prices of your competitors.

If you sell your product for € 100 and all of your competitors have a product similar to € 20 or € 30, your product will hardly be visible. In fact, your product page will not be ranked on the first page if it is too expensive compared to the average of equivalent products. Your audience will choose a cheaper product that will meet their needs.

Take the time to analyze how your competitors set their prices. This will help you get a good idea of ​​the right price for your product. You will then know if your product can compete with those of competitors.

Tip # 6: SEO is also played on product chips

When you put a product online, you probably have a lot to say about it. After all, you really want to convince your audience of the benefits of your product over the competition. To do this, the chips produced are all indicated. However it is important that you break down your information. This so that the text is digestible for your audience.

The best way to do this is to break down the description of your products into the 5 available bullet points. It’s an easy way for your audience to digest information. People like it when the information is concise and easy to read.

Products with detailed product bullets also tend to convert better. People read more information and feel better informed to buy. This helps you improve your SEO ranking on Amazon, as you earn more conversions.

Especially since the chips produced are indexed by Amazon. Keep this in mind when writing your product bulletins. Insert the relevant keywords to strengthen their weight with the Amazon algorithm. This will clearly indicate what the product is, and on which keywords it should appear in the search results.

With these 6 tips, you are ready to create product files indexed on a large number of keywords! This is the essential step in an Amazon SEO strategy.

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Sylvain Boutry is the founder of the consulting agency Amazon Jamz. He is also a seller on Amazon FBA.

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