In the field of training, the year 2018 will mainly be remembered by one word: reform. In fact, this year, the world of professional, continuous training and apprenticeship will have been shaken up by the bill “for freedom to choose a professional future” from our Minister of Labor. The latter aims to change the problems of the environment and to try to initiate a transition towards transparency and simplicity. We will try to take a look at the future of training to be ready for this change.

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The 6 key points to remember:

  1. The Personal Training Account (CPF), now known to all, will be revisited. Currently, until January 2019, each French employee is credited to their 24-hour CPF of “right” to training. However, for more transparency and clarity, the CPF will be converted into euros. Each employee will therefore be credited with 500 (if he is qualified) or 800 (if he is not qualified) euros per year.
  2. Individual Training Leave (CIF) which allows the employee to take leave to follow training and potentially retrain, disappears. It is replaced by said “professional transition CPF”.
  3. Approved Joint Collecting Organizations (OPCA) in charge of collecting the financial obligations are reduced (in number) and renamed to OPCO for Skill Operators. The financial obligations also change since there will only be one left and will be collected by URSAFF.
  4. The training plan is changed to the skills development plan and ceases the separation and classification of training. The implementation of training actions will be easier for companies.
  5. A mobile application for the use and management of your CPF. The goal is to provide better control to the CPF holder. An implementation phase and an anticipated version will be available in the first half of 2019 for a final version scheduled for the second half of 2019.
  6. A new England Compétences entity is created in order to regulate the quality and prices of training. It will be managed among others by the State and brings together COPANEF, CNEFOP, FPSPP and CNCP.

One thing is certain, 2019 will be the year of transition and will be a real challenge for trainers, as well as for future trainees!

The approach of these changes leads us to issue a call to use your CPF before converting to euros. The conversion rate is not to the advantage of trainees (around € 15 per hour), so you have to use your CPF very quickly.

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The author: Corentin Foret, Topformation