As a marketer or manager of your business, you must have heard that content marketing has certain advantages to help you develop your online business. However, how do you use it? Are you sure you’re using it the best you can? In this article, I will show you the mistakes that people make most of the time when it comes to content marketing and that are detrimental to their business …

By talking about content marketing, everyone is getting more and more involved. Content marketing has clear advantages, it has been proven. But badly done, you will run to your loss and you will have lost time, money and energy.

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Where to locate the origin of these errors?

They are often the result of haste from managers, because they have heard that content marketing is booming. And as soon as they arrive at the office the next day, it’s an impromptu meeting. The new task of marketers is to start executing content marketing actions. But poor marketers they are. Without any preparation, without advice from seasoned content marketers like Guilhem Bertholet, they are now embarking on their first experience. One, two, three weeks, two months … they do not notice any progress in their activity, they question themselves, questioning the potential of content marketing. And yet the latter is in no way guilty.

In order not to find yourself in these situations, here is what you absolutely must avoid.

1. Use your content to advertise your products

It must be said, the immediate action of marketing is not to sell everything. The goal of content marketing is to give your brand a voice. With content marketing, you position yourself in the minds of your prospects and start a new relationship with them. Do you show what is unique and essential at home? What will they benefit from coming to you? It must be highlighted. Remember that content marketing gives before asking. So if you want to be successful, find out what problem is bothering your audience and provide reliable solutions. Then they are the ones who will pick you up.

2. Try to do it all yourself

When running your content marketing, enthusiasm can make you lose sight of the fact that on your own you won’t get much done. Not only do you not have all the time in front of you, but you are also not an expert. The solution is to have you accompanied. For the strategy to adopt, the best is to seek the advice of content specialists who will provide you with the necessary help and advice tailored to your business. In case you want to create editorial content, a professional web writer will do the trick. To create videos, infographics or white papers, freelancing platforms offer you a plethora of competent professionals. You choose.

3. Losing sight of what you need to achieve

In enthusiasm, you can sometimes lose sight of what you want to accomplish. But remember one thing: your content marketing strategy must fit into your overall strategy, otherwise there will be mismatch and various conflicts. What matters most is really knowing what goals you want to achieve. Is it increasing your traffic? Improving your branding? Improving your SEO? Demonstrating your expertise? You must clearly put it on paper.

4. Re-publish content on platforms with different approaches

In an effort to save time, some people try to transfer the content produced for one platform to other platforms. Even if it seems to be a time saver, this tactic serves you, because these platforms are not identical. Each has its own specificities. So review your schedule and devote time to adapt your content to each platform on which you want to invest. Not only will your audience like it, but your content will be better optimized and therefore easily found.

5. Losing sight of the need to raise the bar

It’s so easy to create content today that everyone has become a content creator. And with the development of publication platforms such as Worpdress, Tumblr, and the emergence of new mobile sharing platforms, Instagram, Snapchat, it is easy to publish content in the eyes of the world. Investing in content marketing is a long road: it is an obstacle course. You don’t have to start and dream of achieving results in two months. It’s true, you can sometimes have real spinoffs, but keep in mind that the path is a little longer.

6. Allocate a limited budget to your content marketing strategy

Getting into content marketing requires financial and human investment, but it is no longer finance that wins. It is also often observed that the directions are reluctant when it comes to taking out the checkbook. Content marketing therefore becomes the disinherited of their marketing action. Helped by misconceptions, they tell themselves that marketing does not need more investment, but it is a mistake. Investing heavily in content marketing will make you pay off more quickly.


To be successful in deploying content marketing is to adopt healthy practices and put aside the misconceptions that serve you. Ultimately, your success will come from your belief in the great effectiveness of content marketing.

And you, what assessment have you had so far? I would be delighted to read you in comments.

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