With double-digit growth for more than 15 years now, the e-commerce sector continues to attract many business creation projects. Beyond the simple creation of e-commerce sites, the sector of e-commerce service providers has been the most dynamic for a few years now. Today, I’m offering you a spotlight on 6 e-commerce startups that will be talked about during 2016, if this is not already the case …

E-commerce startups, a world in turmoil

1. Dropy


Dropy is a French solution published by the company TouchMods which will be marketed from February 2016. TouchMods exists since 2007, but was until now a simple e-commerce site specializing in the sale of accessories for Smartphones.

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The concept : Dropy offers e-merchants to pool their stocks on a single application and sell them in drop-shipping.

Why the idea is interesting : Many small e-merchants cannot have an extended product range due to the problem of purchasing stocks.

With Dropy, an e-merchant will be able to market products from another e-merchant’s stock on their own site using the application. He thus increases his range of products without assuming the financial risk of the stock.

For each sale made, the e-merchant who generated it will receive a commission, and the e-merchant who owns the product will send the product. Each e-merchant can thus sell products that he does not have in stock.

My advice : As soon as we talk about drop-shipping, the problem of duplicate content is omnipresent. So, I advise each e-merchant who wants to pool their stock of products on Dropy not to duplicate their product catalog, but to provide a specific catalog.

The business model : Fixed commission of 5% on all sales made through its application.

The latest fundraiser : 500,000 euros – November 2015

2. SteerFox

Logo-SteerFoxSteerFox is a young company which was created in 2014 by two specialists in price comparators. This French startup is looking to create a new segment in the traffic acquisition market, between agencies and e-commerce sites.

The concept : SteerFox is a cross between the flow management companies / product catalog and an agency specializing in the acquisition of paid traffic. In just a few clicks, SteerFox promises to create campaigns on most of the levers for acquiring paid traffic: Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Google Shopping, Amazon offers from Advertisers, price comparators …

Why the idea is interesting: Beyond the fact that it is possible to target several thousand keywords adapted to a product catalog in just a few clicks, the Steerfox solution allows you to optimize your traffic acquisition budget by adjusting it accordingly performance of the various levers.

My advice : The tool allows you to create automatic campaigns for an entire catalog of products. It is therefore necessary to optimize the work done by the tool: remove the products on which you do not want to advertise, adapt the wording of the ads according to the season … for better campaign effectiveness.

The business model: percentage of the budget invested via the solution.

The latest fundraiser: 1,200,000 euros – December 2015

3. TokyWoky

logo-tokywoky TokyWoky is a young French startup founded in 2014 which quickly established itself in the online chat market, a very marketing tool useful for improving user experience and conversion rate.

The concept : The concept developed by TokyWoky is original, because when a user asks a question in the online chat module, it is the site visitors who can answer it. TokyWoky has therefore developed a social online chat where it is the Internet users who advise each other.

Why the idea is interesting : Online chat is a very important tool for converting an e-commerce site. However, this marketing tool requires time and human resources that some sites do not have. By offering this chat, TokyWoky removes these human costs and promotes the creation of a community within the e-commerce site.

The business model: Monthly subscription

The latest fundraiser : 700,000 euros – December 2015

4. Izberg Marketplace

logo-izbergmarketplace Izberg Marketplace is a startup that has was founded in 2014 by the creators of the social shopping platform Modizy.

The concept : Izberg is a SaaS solution that allows, via an API, to transform any site into a personalized marketplace.

Why the idea is interesting: The development of market places has been meteoric for several years. The idea is interesting because it allows any site, even content, to offer a new section dedicated to e-commerce in the form of a marketplace.

The business model: Installation costs + monthly performance commission.

The latest fundraiser: 1,500,000 euros – May 2015

5. Target2sell

logo-target2sell Target2sell is the oldest startup in this selection of startups of the moment. Founded in 2012 by a blogger recognized in the universe digital, this French company is on the way to successfully bet on internationalization.

The concept : Target2sell offers several recommendation modules that allow personalization of the user’s navigation based on behavioral analysis of previous visits.

Why the idea is interesting : Personalization in e-commerce represents the future and an important source of growth for commercial sites. This solution creates a dynamic site that adapts to the user who visits it to maximize the conversion rate.

The business model : Percentage of sales made via its solution.

The latest fundraiser : 1,000,000 – September 2015

6. Akanoo


Akanoo is a German startup, created in 2012, which has been seeking to establish itself on the French market since last year.

The concept : Akanoo solution aims to analyze the behavior of Internet users on an e-commerce site and optimize marketing pressure to increase the transformation rate thanks to multivariate tests and an in-house algorithm.

Why the idea is interesting: On the Internet, everything is measurable. To optimize the conversion rate of an e-commerce site, it is necessary to analyze and optimize all of the visit sessions on it. Akanoo proposes to optimize the navigation of the Internet user (by targeted messages) according to their behavior on the site.

My advice : Optimizing a user’s surfing on an e-commerce site is the key to a high transformation rate. However, it is necessary to have a minimum of traffic and a hundred sales in just a few weeks for multivariate testing to be effective.

The business model: Licence

The latest fundraiser:

2016 will be (again) the year of startups!

There are many other startups specializing in services for e-merchants. All are innovative and advance e-merchants who use their solutions. It is therefore interesting to be interested in it, even if you are a small e-trader.

If you have a specific problem related to your e-commerce site, it is very likely that a startup will have developed a solution to help you. If not, you may have a promising concept!

On this, happy new year 2016 to all!

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