Some companies are obliged, for security reasons, to use the https protocol for their site. SEOmoz gives some advice on referencing secure sites. According to him, a site in https, if it is well optimized, is as likely to be well positioned as a site in simple http. Opinions differ on this fact …

Bank sites often use https for their site. Is this a problem for the SEO ? According to SEOmoz: No. SEO for sites in https in 6 points:

1 – If everything is done correctly, a https site little position as well as an http site.
2 – Keep all of your valid security certificates at all times: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
3 – It is a fact, https sites give more work to the servers, so there are risks that the downloading of pages will be slowed down. Must therefore have the site and the certificate on an efficient hosting. If the site takes too long to load, the robot may not be able to complete indexing.
4 – The site with https at the beginning of the URL and without https are two different sites for engines. It’s a bit like the site with and without www. It is therefore necessary to make a 301 redirect from the URLs in http to those in https. NB: How to do when the site contains only certain pages in https.
5 – The robots.txt file, to be valid, must also be placed on an https url.
6 – It is the same for the sitemap.xml file, Google verification file and other similar files!

Little more : put all of your files (images, iframes, etc.) in https.

We also notice that in the results of the engines, when a site is in https, the url which is displayed includes https whereas a site in http only displays the url from www. This can possibly lower the click rate for a site in https because the URL is a little less sexy!

For one of the sites I work for, there is talk of going to https for a new product. We will therefore test the referencing with the handicap of https. So I’ll know more in a few months. And have you ever had to referencing a site in https ? Have you managed to reference it as well as an insecure site? I would be interested to have feedback on this …

Source : SEOmoz.