To capture the attention of your different targets, your offer must be a little more personalized every day with a very specific perspective for each of your customers. It is for this reason that social selling and selling through social networks are important allies for business sales teams …

Nowadays, closing a sale efficiently has become a real obstacle race: situations of economic uncertainty, the constant appearance of new competitors, ever longer purchasing processes, high database costs. are all factors that make the conclusion of commercial transactions complicated.

Faced with this complex situation, sales teams must innovate, hence social selling. Why ? Discover 6 good reasons to include social selling in your business strategy.

Find new buyers

New generation buyers are constantly connected to social media in search of new suppliers and new personalized offers. If your first interaction with the customer occurs at the time of research and you are unable to offer a personalized solution, you may fall into the category of companies to forget when making the purchase decision.

Take advantage of new commercial prospecting channels

Traditionally, the distribution of commercial areas for sales teams is determined based on arbitrary criteria: postal codes, company size, billing volume, sector of activity, etc. This way of prospecting does not take connections into account. social services available within the sales team. It will therefore be necessary to know whether there is a shared experience or a common relationship with the potential customer, which will be an important advantage in increasing sales opportunities.

Appropriately identify contacts

In current business models, the decision time to purchase has greatly increased, and at the same time has made the acquisition process more complex. Small and large businesses do not have a single decision-maker. Knowing the head of the business is no longer enough, because decisions are made by different people. This is why if there is a key element of high added value, it is the fact of knowing the decision-making organization chart of the company as well as the various interlocutors.

Increase the reach of marketing actions

More than 60% of the valuable content published by a company (news, market studies, technical documents, infographics, etc.) does not reach the hands of salespeople. Social media allows salespeople to know, get and study all of this material with added value. This allows them to show an expert image when approaching a meeting with a potential client.

Be identified as an expert

How can we get customers to quickly identify us if our sales team is not present on social media? Customers buy from salespeople who give them confidence and competence in terms of new business models. If you don’t show your expertise, potential customers will naturally be less likely to work with you.

See a new business model appear

A good salesperson is therefore a salesperson who does not present himself as such to his customers. Every day, more companies are realizing that social selling can replace the positions of salespeople, sales managers, advisers or even business managers.

Customers expect a professional who is able to listen to them and understand their various problems. They want to find quick and personalized solutions.

Many experts anticipate the demise of sales positions soon. But social selling can transform the sales function to offer added value to the customer, and so that he becomes a professional capable of guiding and accompanying customers in all stages of the purchasing process.