▷ 6 reasons to work on your notoriety with advertising objects 2020 -

Do you use promotional items for
your communication?
If not yet, it’s time to
get started! This communication tool has many advantages. Let’s
them together.


A study by 2FPCO (French federation of professionals in object communication) has
demonstrated that the French show a strong craze for objects
advertising. 77% of respondents keep gifts
promotions received and, the brand memorization rate on
corporate goodies are around 75%.

” Not bad is not it ? “

Here are 6 reasons to work, you too, your notoriety
with advertising items.

1: Develop brand awareness

The advertising object is an essential ally of the
development of your notoriety. Provided of course you have objects of

The quality of the object
will play a crucial role. A quality object well suited to your target can
stay on his desk for a long time.

Conversely, an object of low quality or poorly suited to
your target’s expectations will likely end up in the trash.

advice : before you start
communication by object, identify the expectations and tastes of your

In parallel, the object must also reflect the values ​​of
your company.

Example, if your company wishes to convey values
respect for the environment, why not communicate via standard objects
stainless steel bottle or tote bag to limit plastic.

I’ve seen some, for example, at very affordable rates on Giftcampaign.

2: Build customer loyalty

Do you want to retain your best customers?
The object is a great way to reward their loyalty and keep
contact with them. Take advantage of special events to offer objects

Some examples : Christmas, new year,
customer anniversary…

3: Mark the minds of its prospects

For prospects, communication by the object allows
make an impression.

Why ?

Prospects are oversold of digital communications
/ immaterial: emails, advertising banners, communication on
social networks… Get back to the basics and stand out from your competitors
using the objects.

Since costs are often reasonable, the impact can be
much more powerful than conventional communication.

4: Improve the return on investment of its events

You organize events or have a stand on a
living room ? Improve the return on investment of these actions by
distributing objects.

Example a tote bag with some goodies accompanying your
advertising brochure.

This will extend the experience of the event in you
inviting to the prospect, client or partner.

5: Stimulate the sales of its salespeople

Items can also boost sales of your
by rewarding them for their actions.

Why not have a gamification logic with levels of rewards offering objects with increasing value
more important!

6: Thank employees

Beyond salespeople, employees in their
together can be thanked and retained at different times of
the year: anniversary of arrival in the company, Christmas …

To conclude, sometimes neglected, objects
advertising can be formidable weapons for your communication. Think about it!