With its 500 million daily users (source), its powerful formats to highlight the daily life of its business or its products, Instagram is acclaimed by users but also by brands. Here are 6 steps to develop your community and gain visibility on this network as well as a tool to help you!

1: The basis: exclusive and quality content

First of all, it’s important to go back to basics. As with any social media presence, think about the quality of your publications. There is no point in getting started in the development of a community if this base is not there.

Instagram offers different formats: classic photos, photo albums, videos, direct, Boomerangs, without forgetting of course the star format: stories!

Use a maximum of format, diversify, and above all make sure you really have your paw in the content. We must feel a authenticity so that the contents have a TRUE impact on Insta.

Upstream, think about your target too

Who is she ?

Where does she live ?

What are his interests?

And make sure to meet the expectations of this target through your publications.

Some examples of inspiring content:

MacDonald’s who highlights the diversity of his clients in inspiring photos:

macdonalds instagram

Or in B2B, Hubspot which educates its prospects / customers via well thought out stories:

hubspot instagram

In short, be yourself and make it visible through your posts.

2: Interaction at the heart of natural acquisition

We’ll come back to paid acquisition via advertising later, but let’s start with free natural acquisition. The one you will start with in most cases for grow your community on Instagram.

As on most social networks, interactions with other members will play an essential role.

Of course, before that, it is important to know your target and your centers of interest well to focus your actions on relevant accounts in its theme and geographic area.

Following accounts, commenting on publications, exchanging with your community on Insta will ensure, in addition to an appropriate content strategy, to gain visibility and to obtain qualified subscribers gradually.

Yes but here it is, it all takes time, and you probably do not have an army of community managers ready to like, share, comment, exchange constantly. Especially since you probably have other social networks in parallel to manage … In short it takes time!

Good news !

I have a tool that will be able to help you and save you precious time that will help you continue to create quality content …

Combin is a tool that will help you automate certain tasks in an intelligent way in order to significantly boost your Instagram account.

Once your account is connected to the tool, it provides you with an arsenal of task automation tools.

This is how Combin can help you!

You will be able to search for publications or users on specific criteria.

Some examples in our case:

  • CWT Advertising publications in Paris;
  • Subscribers to the CB_News account;
  • Active subscribers (those who comment) of CB_News

This first search tool will allow you to list publications and users with whom it is relevant to interact.

Searching for publications allows you to search by:

  • hashtag;
  • Location ;
  • Publication date ;
  • + activate a Combin-specific analysis tool to analyze accounts to avoid fakes! Very practical 🙂

search instagram publications

On the user side, you can search by:

  • followers;
  • followings;
  • commentators;
  • Or a list of users;
  • Here too you can activate the Combin analysis tool.

Instagram Instagram Subscribers

The results are then displayed like this, you can easily navigate between your different searches:

Instagram marketing user targeting

And filter if necessary:

Instagram Marketing Tool Filter Users

Same for publications:

search instagram publications

Once the relevant publications and accounts are found, you can like and comment on them as well as follow the accounts quickly.

You can manually select accounts and posts or select them all at once.

For example, I can follow the accounts while liking the latest post, so that the person receives two notifications and is interested in my account in return.

For comments, the tool gives you the possibility to create different comment templates for more naturalness.

And always for a natural activity rendering, Combin will progressively carry out follows, likes and comments.

Once created on your side, they are added to a queue and the automation tool will perform the tasks gradually.

combine pending tasks

When we automate our followings, it is necessary to clean up among its subscribers on a regular basis to keep a good followings / followers ratio.

For this Combin offers you a dedicated tool. You can easily identify the accounts you follow without this being reciprocal, sort by different criteria and put users in the whitelist (so as not to unfollower them by mistake).

following follower instagram studies

This same tool allows you to re-engage users by liking or commenting on their latest publication. This can be a good way to try your luck with your accounts before you no longer follow them.

By using Combin regularly, you will see your engagement and your subscribers progress significantly! The tool has free functions, do not hesitate to test! And for pros, subscriptions are available from $ 12 per month which is very reasonable.

Test Combin

3: Use the right hashtags

If there is a social network where hahstags are essential, it’s Instagram!

Remember to systematically add hahstags to all your publications. Of course relevant hahstags in relation to your activity. Do not fall into the trap of popular hashtags that will give you visibility certainly, but not with the right people.

Be specific.

For aesthetic reasons, you can make newlines so that the hahstags do not appear next to your text. After all, it’s all about tastes 🙂

4: Organize contests

Who doesn’t like to win small gifts? Contest mechanisms remain a sure bet for developing community engagement. Be careful not to get into complex mechanisms, keep it simple: a like, a comment, to participate for example.

Example with La Redoute, found on the codeur.com site:

instagram laredoute contest

5: Work with influencers on your theme

Offering partnerships with influencers can be a great way to gain visibility quickly. It will of course, scrupulously select the influencers: well in its theme and with a developed commitment (watch out for fake influencers).

This could result in a demonstration produced by the influencer, a live session with him or her …

6: Launch an advertising campaign

Advertising campaigns to recruit subscribers can be launched directly via Instagram or through your Facebook Ads account.

In a few clicks, you get rapid visibility and progress in subscribers … But beware, this comes at a cost of course 🙂

It’s your turn !

Now you know what you have to do to develop your community on Instagram. If you have other techniques to do it, don’t hesitate to share them via comments!

Article written in collaboration with Combin.