In March 1996, Bill Gates declared ” Content is king. Since then, there have been profound changes on the web to the point that content has become a strategic issue for businesses operating on the Internet. Content marketing has gained influence. However, the challenge for brands is to be up to the task. The purpose of this article is therefore to give you practical tips for managing your content marketing with ease …

As you probably already know, advertising no longer works as effectively as it did on the Internet in the past. Am I claiming it? No, the facts speak for themselves. Consumers have become knowledgeable people over time. In addition, they are no longer fooled. They no longer want us to influence them, to impose something on them. This is why they installed ad blockers on their device. Daddy’s Marketing is HAS BEEN, you would have understood it.

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The current effective technique is content marketing.

He is intelligent, adapted to his audience, thought for the long term, and isn’thassle not the user. To tell you the truth, that’s what’s working right now. You’ve probably heard it before: the content is ROI. You have to adopt content marketing. And I believe that if you are reading this article, it is because you have understood that content marketing can be your faithful ally in the conquest of your activity on the web.

The following six steps will guide you to operationalize a content marketing that clashes by bringing you all the benefits necessary for your business.

Listen to your target, co-create with them and solve their problem

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There is no point in producing content if it is not suitable for your target audience. What there is to do – and you will see how easy it is – is to listen to the whispers of your audience. On social networks, in your emails, on forums, your audience has surely explained a difficulty. Also, get started with surveys, they don’t cost that much. Solutions exist to carry out surveys whether on Facebook, on your blog or on your website.

Then, use the data collected and create relevant content that will solve the problems of your audience. Never forget that your audience is following you because they believe you can meet their needs: they trust you. Whether in your articles, videos, infographics or Podcasts, she expects to learn something new that will help her in her activity and her daily life. Remember this: we humans are always looking for solutions to make our lives better. Always act with that in mind. And make the daily life of your audience a haven of peace for them, it will make you feel good.

Gather all your old content, sort it out and get the best

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Over time, you’ve had to produce enough content. Instead of starting from scratch, which would be time consuming and costly, why not recycle the content you already have? Take inventory of content produced over the last year or two, and sort it out. Choose those that seem to have eternal value.

As soon as this step is finished, take the best ones chosen from the batch, and touch them up: background, shape. Give them a new color and make them new. Check the links to make sure they are still valid or add links to recent resources. If there were infographics or statistical data, look at what has changed recently and update them as well. At the end, you will see that you will save time and money. Not bad is not it ?

Outsource creation

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Managing your marketing is not an easy task, but it must be admitted: the game is worth the effort. With your business to manage, find customers, negotiate with your partners, check your balance sheet, go to professional meetings, you have to admit that you find yourself quickly running out of time. And even if you had it, you don’t have it all.

To simplify your task, delegate part of the creation of your content. If it’s written content, a web content writer can do the trick. If you want to make video, look for a freelance provider in your area. It will help you to make professional and high quality videos. To create your infographics, a graphic designer will be chosen. You can also entrust the production of the cover of your White Papers and Ebooks to an infographic-designer on freelancing sites such as Upwork or Encoder.

Promote your content

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Gone are the days when we designed its content and waited for thousands of visitors to come by themselves. They did not guess anyway! Please don’t tell me that you are so confident in the value of your content that you think people will come across it at random.

The common mistake that most people make is to create good content, very good content itself. They spend hours producing exemplary content, then they publish it. They wait three days, five days, a week … But nothing happens, and they get discouraged. What have they forgotten? One thing: also GÉNIAL be it the content you create, if it’s not visible to anyone, you’ve wasted your time.

The next rule should be your currency: 20% to produce your great content and 80% to promote it.

20% to produce your wonderful content and 80% to promote it.

Just that. What did I say again? 20% for creation and 80% for promotion. Don’t waste your time doing a remarkable job that will fall into oblivion and anonymity on the web. Use social media, comment on other blogs, write guest posts, get active in the forums. And if you have a few euros, invest in Facebook advertising. By sponsoring your best posts, you will have the chance to reach people beyond your current audience and you will see visitors rushing to your site or blog.


Do you know that humor is sold in advertising? It’s a weapon that advertisers have been too good at using for ages. So do the same. You don’t have to be serious all the time, you are not a usher anyway! Remember that you are human after all and that humans relax from time to time. Humor breaks your routine. It reminds us of childhood memories, overwhelms us with nostalgia for adolescence. It allows us to escape, promotes the escape of the mind, and puts the reader in a better psychological state. And suddenly, the consumption of your content becomes more interesting and easier for him.

Diversify content types

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Do you want to attract new visitors and make your current audience happy with you? So diversify your types of content. Do not be like these people who produce from Monday to Sunday, from January to December, the same type of content. This practice annoys your audience. In addition, you do not allow those who are comfortable with certain media to take advantage of it. You can vary between video, articles, infographics, well-made PDFs, podcasts or PowerPoint Slides. The important thing is to try to cast a wide net in order to reach the maximum number of people in your useful audience.

Finally, managing your content marketing with ease is not that rocket science. You just need to know a few things and the game is done. Well developed, your content marketing will bring you more traffic, improve your position in search engines, generate more leads. And your business will benefit. Also, keep in mind that the goal of content marketing is to provide concrete answers to your audience’s questions and to solve their problems. Otherwise, you will have failed.

On your side, how do you manage with your content marketing? Tell me what are your difficulties in comments.

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