Developing its notoriety, building customer loyalty, stimulating sales for salespeople, as we have seen previously, advertising objects have many advantages and deserve a special place in your communication strategy. Today, I suggest the essential steps for any object communication campaign …

1: Clarify your objectives

As in any marketing campaign, before launching it, it is essential to clarify its objectives. Create a document outlining your goals in black and white and how the ad campaign will fit into your overall strategy.

Trainer training

Among the objectives of a campaign of this type, we mainly find the development of awareness, customer loyalty, relationship work with prospects, support for event communication, sales stimulation for salespeople and loyalty building. collaborators.

2: Analyze the expectations of your target / persona

You have defined your objective, you now need to analyze your target’s expectations. To do this, you must know it as well as possible. Age, sex, place of work or residence, preferences, habits … To help you, you can also set up personas.

Example your target is sensitive to ecology and sustainable development, make sure that your advertising objects respect these values.

Once your target expectations are well defined, you can add them to the document with your objectives. This document will be your brief which will frame your campaign.

3: Choose the object most suited to its objectives and target

Your brief is progressing, now is the time to select the type of item you want. Pens, tote bags, personalized T-shirts and other promotional clothing, USB sticks… Study all the options available to you in order to make your choice. And of course, always have your goal and target in mind to make the chosen item compatible with them.

4: Compare the different offers from providers of advertising objects

Once your project is well determined, you can proceed to the step of selecting your provider. Compare the different options to make your choice. Beyond the price, pay attention to the quality of the objects, the possibilities of personalization, the minimum quantities of orders, the creation and delivery times … Take the time to compare well. At this stage, you can also request personalized quotes. To start, you can go take a look at the My Advertising Objects site (see link above).

5: Launch your advertising campaign

You have made your choice of provider, you just have to launch your campaign. Specify your expectations as much as possible to your provider, provide them with quality image files for your logos and other visuals to integrate into your objects.

Once your objects are received, organize yourself according to your objective. Will the objects be distributed in your premises or points of sale? Will they be shipped? Should they be stored for a future event …

6: Track results

Like any marketing campaign, it is essential to follow the results of your object communication campaigns. Do not hesitate to do a satisfaction questionnaire to get feedback on the quality of the objects and also monitor, as the case may be, the impact that the objects have had: traffic at point of sale, gain in notoriety …

It’s your turn !