Your blog allows you to sell your products. Without it, your sales disappear. It serves as a showcase, sales pitch, and point of sale. Except you feel like something is missing. Your blog lacks character. A little bland, it blends in with the crowd. In short, you are missing an identity …

And if you want to increase the perceived value of your products, or sell expensive products, then a luxury blog is a must.

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Here are 6 things to change now to turn your mundane blog into a real luxury blog, with a strong brand.

Find your color code for your luxury blog

This is the basis. The foundations of your villa. Colors that are too flashy will quickly turn your website into an advertising-style blog, inspiring no confidence in your visitors.

luxury blog
Here, too many colors are present. The site therefore looks old-fashioned, unworked, and does not inspire confidence.

According to the Creads platform, the most popular colors on high-end websites are black, white, and gray.

Quite neutral colors, but which will immediately give a refined tone to your luxury blog.

So choose two of these colors, and add a third. It will be YOUR color, the ambassador of your brand.

Warning : this third color should be used sparingly. Use it as a small touch. It is this that will give your site a real identity.

For example, here is the website of L’horluxerie, a luxury watch rental startup. It can be seen that the predominant colors are white and black, but that an almost golden brown was chosen as the third color. It is used in small discreet touches, creating a real identity.

Take care of the image of your waterline

The waterline is where you can’t see the rest of the page.

When a visitor lands on your site, what stands above that line is paramount. This is the first impression the Internet user will have.

And the first impression is essential.

Note that 58% of brands use slider photos at the top of their page. That is to say, images that scroll.

Otherwise, 38% just put an image in full screen.

In contrast, video is used very little, especially for the loaded side it returns.

What you should remember: place one or more images at the top of your home page. You can overlay it with your logo, slogan, or even an action button.

src=”▷-6-steps-to-transform-your-blog-into-a-luxury.png” srcset=”▷-6-steps-to-transform-your-blog-into-a-luxury.png 1024w,’écran-2020-07-12-à-17.27.55-min-450×271.png 450w,’écran-2020-07-12-à-17.27.55-min-768×462.png 768w,’écran-2020-07-12-à-17.27.55-min-696×419.png 696w,’écran-2020-07-12-à-17.27.55-min-1068×643.png 1068w,’écran-2020-07-12-à-17.27.55-min-697×420.png 697w,’écran-2020-07-12-à-17.27.55-min.png 1478w” alt=”Louis Vuitton” width=”501″ height=”301″ data-lazy-sizes=”(max-width: 501px) 100vw, 501px” />
Louis Vuitton, like most luxury brands, uses a photo at the top of the page.

Highlight your logo

Still according to the same study, 60% of luxury brands center their logo at the top of the page.

Your logo is part of your identity, so it is essential that it be visible.

But don’t make a mistake that I’ve made many times.

For several of my blogs, I have paid graphic designers to have a professional logo.

Before you notice anything …

If you take a look at the logos of luxury brands, you will realize that they are simply using typography. The trend is minimalist.

No more complex logos with multiple colors. Make way for fine writing in black and white.

So above all, do not worry about your logo anymore. A pretty typography is enough to have a luxurious logo.

luxury blog



Choose a minimalist typography

You might as well say it right away: original typography is good for amateurs.

But as long as you set out to sell on the internet, your typeface should be professional, classy and clean.

By far the most commonly used fonts for this are Helvetica and Arial.

Simple and efficient.

Ah, actually 90% of brands capitalize their titles.

Focus on the responsive version of your luxury blog

90% of the sites are responsive, that is to say suitable for browsing on smartphones and tablets.

It’s all said and done, you know what you have to do.

Display your social networks

Although luxury brands have long shunned digital, it is clear that these days are over.

Prestigious brands have invested in social networks more than ever, and proudly display them on their websites.

80% of them put them at the bottom of their pages, and 70% put their Facebook page first.

Along with your luxury blog, also develop your social networks.

There is no point in being present on everyone. Two do the trick. Better to master two social networks perfectly than to be half-present in five of them.

In addition to attracting new customers, your social networks can increase the confidence of your visitors.

If someone is hesitant about your products or services, a little check on your Instagram or Facebook of several thousand followers will have an immediate effect.

If you had to remember just a word of it all

In this article, you have a list of points to work on to transform your blog into a luxury blog.

But if you had to remember just one word …


Use black and white, plus a third color. Use a simple font for your logo. Make an ultra-simplified menu.

In short, make the user experience as easy as possible.