▷ 6 tips to drive traffic to your website from Instagram 2020 -

It’s a well-known fact that Instagram hates external links. It therefore limits the number of links that lead to another page. You cannot add a link on Instagram directly in the caption of your posts, but there are several ways around this problem …

Even though Instagram doesn’t make it easy, that doesn’t mean the platform can’t drive significant traffic to your site.

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Let’s take a close look at the different ways to add clickable links and make Instagram an acquisition channel.

1. Optimize the link in your bio

Link in Instagram bio

When you created your Instagram profile, you probably added a link to your site (I’m assuming a link to your homepage) and NEVER changed it since.

But this little link can do more than that.

You can update this link as often as you like to send your followers to any page on your site. When you run:

  • A specific campaign;
  • A new collection;
  • A particular article;
  • A landing page.

Then, communicate the link to your followers by adding call-to-action in your Instagram captions or Instagram story that explain what is behind this link.

For example :

  • “Click on our link in our bio to learn more about…”;
  • “To read the full story, go to the link in our bio.” ;
  • “For more information, check out the link in our bio. “

But let’s admit: you have several campaigns or products to promote and you often refer to the link in your bio but for different campaigns.

There are also a lot of tools that list links through a page.

Our favorite, made in England, is Linksight!

Linksight connects all your content to your audience with a single shareable link anywhere.

The tool responds perfectly to the problem of Instagram or Tiktok by offering the possibility of adding several links to your bio easily.

Instagram Shopping

With Instagram Shopping, you can turn your feed into a storefront by tagging products. Here are the limits:

  • Up to 5 tags in a post or video;
  • Up to 20 tags in carousels, which can serve as a look book for your brand;
  • A product sticker in your Instagram Stories.

You will also see a “Buy” tab appear at the bottom right, which shows your range of labeled products.

All of these features allow your audience to click on the product, it is a good alternative if you are selling products.

And it’s the most organic way to promote your products on Instagram.

But to use this function, you need to:

  • Meet Instagram’s eligibility criteria;
  • Connect to a Facebook catalog;
  • Register in the app with your company profile.

3. Add a link in the description of your IGTVs

Link in the description of an IGTV

IGTVs may contain clickable links in their description.

But to see the description, users need to click on the post title.

To increase your traffic, get your followers to open descriptions of your videos by adding a call-to-action in the IGTV title or let them know about the link during the video itself.

4. Add links to your Instagram stories

The Swipe up in Instagram stories

You can add a link in your Instagram Stories to your site!

To encourage your visitors to visit your site, make sure the bottom of the story is clear so that the “Learn More” text is visible.

You can also add “swipe up” stickers.

The only problem ?

To unlock this feature in your story, you must have more than 10,000 followers or have a verified account.

5. Partner with an Instagram influencer

And if :

  • Don’t have a strong enough Instagram presence?
  • Do you have very few views on your stations or your IGTVs?
  • Can’t link your Instagram Stories?

Partner with an influencer who has the right audience for your brand.

It can increase the brand awareness of your brand.

There are thousands of influencers on Instagram – but the number of followers is not enough.

Analyze how their audience interacts with their posts and if your brand could interest followers.

During the partnership, give instructions to influencers to properly refer their audiences to your website.

6. Add call-to-action to your Instagram profile

Call-to-Action on Burberry’s Instagram profile

Why do you want to increase your site traffic?

Do people contact you by phone, email or text?

All these actions and many more can be done directly on Instagram thanks to the call-to actions on the profile.

Here is an example from the Burberry account. Their call-to-action are “Write” and “E-mail” and have you thought about putting one?

By removing steps, you could generate more conversions.

Post and tracker!

With the right tools and the right strategy, Instagram can increase your brand’s traffic.

But don’t forget to use UTMs on all Instagram links to your site to identify the best strategies to increase your traffic.