▷ 7 campaign ideas to integrate influencers into your overall communication 2020 -

They are followed by communities of several thousand people, their opinion is taken into account in consumer purchasing decisions, they improve the brand image and awareness of your brand…. I appointed the influencers. In this article, I suggest you see how these can be integrated into all of your marketing levers for more efficiency. You will also find at the end, an interview with Reech, a specialist in marketing influence.

Before moving on, I invite you to reread the results of the rich study on the relationship between influencers and brands.

1: Integrate influencers into a brand event

To increase the impact of your branding event, you can integrate influencers into your branding organization.

It’s quite common today to invite influencers to your event, but beyond just inviting, for more impact, it’s much more effective to establish a real collaboration with them.

Some examples :

  • Have you planned conferences during your event? Why not offer the influencer to host one of the conferences. He will bring his expertise on the subject while making you benefit from his visibility.
  • Likewise, one can imagine workshops and animations by influencers. Why not, for example, request a recipe workshop from a kitchen blogger to highlight your products during a fun activity.
  • We can also offer influencers to make a livetweet or a live communication during your event.

By thus involving influencers, they will be much better able to share content created commonly on their social networks.

2: Do a shooting session with influencers to illustrate the product sheets of its e-commerce site

If you have an e-commerce site, you know, it is essential to have quality product visuals in order to grab the attention of the internet user. A good practice could be to hire an influencer in your thematic for a shooting session highlighting your products. Your product visuals will be truly unique and the influence of the influencer will improve their credibility.

3: Suggest to an influencer to become the muse of his brand

In the same way, we can imagine proposing to an influencer of his theme to become the muse of his brand. It can then be integrated into communication campaigns: poster campaigns for TV spots.

4: Leave the reins of your social networks to an influencer

Do you know the term ” Social account takeover “, It is an event operation by which a brand or a media will entrust the management of one or more of its social accounts to an influencer for a fixed period (Source: Definitions-Marketing.com).

It’s a very interesting partnership because it allows you to have real original content for your social networks. And you know that to have visibility on networks, it takes commitment and this original content will certainly create it. In addition to influencers who are used to communicating in a committed way on social networks, they will also be able to provide you with suitable advice for better communication.

This can take different forms:

  • Give the influencer the role of community manager to animate your networks over a given period;
  • Let the influencers create content that you will then relay …

Think about it because this technique is rarely used and yet devilishly effective!

5: Let an influencer animate your blog

Likewise, you can invite influencers to host your blog. They can bring their editorial point of view and give originality to your content which they can then share on their social networks.

6: Create contests involving influencers

Contests remain a safe bet in terms of marketing actions. By integrating influencers into your contest concept, it will give it a better impact.

7: Video marketing campaign

Another possibility: hire influencers as actors for your next videos. You will be able to surf their popularity and create original videos appreciated on social networks.

Also think about lives, why not make a live broadcast on your Facebook page in which you would invite an influencer of your theme.

Interview with the founder of Reech, an influencer marketing solution

To learn more about the subject, we met Guillaume Doki-Thonon, Founder and CEO of Reech, an influencer marketing solution.

Hello Guillaume, can you introduce yourself?

Hello, I’m Guillaume DOKI-THONON, the founder of Reech. A graduate of NEOMA Business School, I co-founded my first company after leaving school: an SEO agency. Since then, my partner and I sold the agency and we followed a logical path which led us to take an interest in the mechanics of influence. We are passionate about this ecosystem of talents, creators and we decided to create Reech to help brands really benefit from this communication lever, and to help influencers to professionalize and live on their passion.

We talked about integrating influencers with other marketing levers in this article, would you have any examples of such campaigns?

I am thinking in particular of Fleury Michon who put at the heart of his latest TV commercial content from influencers (but also UGC) highlighting frozen meals on Instagram.


Next, there are obviously the capsule collections co-created with influencers, widely used by fashion and beauty brands.

How does a marketing influence campaign actually work? If I am a brand that wants to integrate an influencer into my communication, how can I do this?

The first question to ask is “what are my goals”? Do I want to generate content, re-insure, communicate on a product or on the universe of the brand in general? …

This question answers the essential question of influencer marketing: “what mechanics to put in place” or more simply “what to do with my influencers, what experience? “. It is the answer to this question that determines the success of an influencer marketing campaign.

And the more this question arises upstream of the brand’s marketing thinking, the more it is possible to integrate influencers at the heart of it.

Then comes the choice of influencers, typology (top-tail, mid-tail or long-tail), number, or social networks involved. It is very rare to activate only one influencer.

Then, we enter the activation phase: contact, negotiation, organization of the operation, the event, etc. At Reech, we manage the entire strategy from A to Z: from reflection to analysis, including activation.

Can you present the Reech solution to us? What are its features and how can it help work more effectively with influencers?

The Reech solution is based on 3 pillars:

  • A proprietary technological solution, which allows us to have a fine and rational vision of influencers: who they are, what subjects they talk about, are they really influential, to whom they are addressed, etc. We collect a hundred data that allow us to create a real influencer identity sheet.
  • A community of more than 16,000 influencers, in all areas and on all social networks, in top-tail, mid-tail and long-tail of influencer marketing. These are influencers who have chosen to register on Reech and with whom our Influencer Managers maintain links that allow us to activate them quickly.
  • A team of influencer marketing experts who imagine and design original, relevant and effective influencer marketing strategies. We do much more than connect brands and influencers, we support our brands in the success of their operations.

A word for the end?

Since we entered this market in 2015, we have done a lot of evangelism work with advertisers. We have written several white papers on influencer marketing, participated in dozens of conferences, and organized our own conferences.

We are continuing in this strategy in 2018, but we want to go even further. We created a challenge to make them aware of the professions of influence: influencer of course, but also to the positions for which we recruit at Reech: Influence Project Manager, Creative Business Developer, Influencer Manager… We have federated some of our partner advertisers around of this idea and many schools have played the game.

Thank you Guillaume for your participation 🙂

If you too want to work with influencers, feel free to visit the site Reech.com

Article written in collaboration with REECH