▷ 7 checkpoints for your Google AdWords campaigns 2020 -

Managing Google AdWords campaigns can quickly become a real headache if you do not have a minimum of knowledge and if you leave on bad bases. Indeed, even if everyone can launch a lambda campaign overnight without too much difficulty, setting up and managing effective campaigns requires a more specific approach…

We often tend to compare AdWords campaign management to an airplane cockpit, with many variables, many levers, which can only work if they are in perfect harmony. Can you imagine a pilot forgetting to activate 1 takeoff reactor? Do not retract the landing gear? Well imagine that it is not that different in your AdWords campaigns … Do not neglect any element, segmentation, ads, keywords, broadcast schedule, mobile bid adjustment and many more!

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Adsonwall offers you a list of 7 checkpoints for your AdWords account as well as various tips, take the opportunity to take stock of your campaigns!

So you’ve just audited the highlights of your Google AdWords account. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! 😉

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