▷ 7 essential themes to address for the content of your restaurant + 1 bonus 2020 -

Have you ever wondered how some restaurants have thousands of social media subscribers? The solution is simple: they have a story to tell…

While you, because of your busy days as a restaurateur, you publish content without specific themes. Worse, the value you bring is quite low because you publish at the last moment.

However, you have worked on a concept for a long time and you put your heart into it. It would be a shame not to show your strengths.

Because if your subscribers do not understand your restaurant concept, you are missing out on your mission and future regular customers.

Here are 7 themes (+1 bonus) that will allow you to tell your story, transmit an experience they could live and make you want to come to your restaurant.

1- Your dishes

Your dishes will tantalize the taste buds of your audience and trigger the desire to come and taste. They will allow you to see what is on your plate and it may be that some people show you a photo of your social networks directly as a menu.

PNY fast good regularly shows us the new products they offer in their restaurants. They make sure to provide us with food porn certified photos from different angles, always with generosity as the common thread.

2- Your raw materials

The raw products that you use are a strength for your restaurant especially if your producers are of quality or if your products are unknown to your audience by adding a few explanations.

Big Fernand chose to go to the source by filming the farmers who produce the meat from the hamburger firm’s steaks. Total transparency and gain of confidence for the client.

3- Your know-how

Your expertise is the strength of your restaurant. These special techniques are your major assets. Put them forward regularly.

Mister Zhao’s know-how is in the creation of his 2-meter pasta. This technique requires an uneven dexterity that the restaurant regularly puts on video.

4- Your teams

Highlighting your team allows your subscribers to identify the players in your restaurant, but also to create trust by staging one or more recurring personalities.

At Big Mamma, we regularly find the teams staged in their videos which transports us directly to Italy thanks to their accents and good humor.

5- Your decoration

The decoration of your restaurant is part of the atmosphere that you have created to make your customer comfortable. Do not hesitate to add decorations that make you want to stage. Bet on the Instagrammable.

The momentum cafe in London has not hesitated to create a wall filled with heart messages or to integrate the horse of a carousel in its cafe. Perfect for some shots of foodista.

6- Your story

By telling the story of your restaurant, you involve your subscriber in your adventure. Storytelling allows your subscribers to remember your brand because it creates an emotional bond (curiosity, empathy, appreciation, dream) and they can identify with you by understanding the origin of your project.

Shake Shack shows on video where it all started by integrating interviews with the founders, videos of the staff, their brands and even Barack Obama.

7- Your values

Your values, your commitments and your bias represent your restaurant. If your values ​​had a major impact in the creation of your restaurant, you must highlight it in your content. Whether you are 100% organic, eco-responsible, locavore or vegan.

The fast good Father and Fish are committed to preserving the maritime ecosystem by selecting producers of sustainable fishing. By eating their fish burger, you participate in their cause.

8- User Generated Content (Bonus)

This is not a theme per se, but it deserves to be mentioned. User Gererated Content (UGC) is content created by your subscribers on one of the previous topics.

Take advantage of this personalized content to re-share it. This shows the enthusiasm for your restaurant, builds customer loyalty and encourages other subscribers to do the same.

Big Mamma group regularly publishes quality photos taken in its restaurants, mentioning the subscriber.

With these 7 themes, you will be able to tell your story as you produce content. Do not hesitate to cross formats between photos, videos and blog articles and different social networks.

To go further, you can download bonus 4 of the Turfu Restaurateur training and build a real editorial line for your restaurant.