▷ 7 key steps to build an effective and relevant content strategy 2020 -

For a company that wants to strengthen its presence on the web, building a content strategy is one of the most relevant options. As you know, every day more and more information is published on the Internet. The content strategy, when it is well constructed, makes it possible to stand out and therefore attract more prospects to its website. Ultimately, it will help build a strong brand image, while retaining current customers, who will also salute the quality of the content. The benefits of such a strategy are countless. It is still necessary to do it! Are you lost? Follow the guide !


Upstream: think about setting up a content strategy

Before getting to the heart of the matter with the 7
key steps to build an effective and relevant content strategy I
I would like to take stock of the thinking to be carried out well upstream. I know, for
being in contact with companies, that many feel helpless in the face of a
such site. Should this mission be carried out internally or externally? A little
both ? Which issues to take into account? Let’s take a closer look!

Training & Co'm

Content strategy: internally
or externally?

Depending on the size of your business, you
will not necessarily have all the internal resources necessary to
build your content strategy. Writing skills are required
web, SEO, community management, digital marketing. So it can be
interesting to use an agency or freelancers, depending on
skills that you can mobilize internally. For example, if you have
already a copy-writer and a community manager, you can entrust the SEO part
to a freelance. Be careful however to choose an agency or a freelance
who does not work with the competition, at the risk of seeing your strategy

Humanize your communication

After several years of experience, I can
say that the biggest issue in building a content strategy
is humanization. I’ve seen a lot of companies bet everything on the
SEO. Their strategy has not paid off. Because readers,
that is to say, prospects quickly saw that the content was addressed to
robots and not theirs. So my biggest advice to you is to humanize
your communication: give of your person, of what is most human
and sincere in your business. There is your added value, there is the nerve
of your brand image.

Build a strategy
content in 7 key steps

Now let’s go to our concrete plan in 7
key steps to build an effective and relevant content strategy!

Define your goals

The first step will logically consist of
define your goals. Your content strategy should be in line with
your business goals. Is it to boost your sales? To put in
worth your expertise? To stand out from a competitor? The content will only be
not at all the same depending on the objective!

Find its added value

Once you have your goal in mind,
you will have to find the added value that will allow you to reach it. Through
example, if you want to highlight your expertise, you will have to choose
the subject on which you have the most advice to give that cannot be found
little or no elsewhere.

Identify your personas

To be sure of reaching your goals
thanks to your added value, it will be necessary to define your target. That is why
the third step is to identify your personas, i.e.
fictional characters who represent your future readership. This will help you
customize as much as possible the content you are going to offer. For
identify your personas, you can survey your current clientele, make a
market research, use the statistics of your website and your networks
social, etc.

Decide on an editorial line

Once you have your goals, your
added value and your target, your editorial line should appear fairly
easily. It’s about choosing the type of content you’re going to publish,
the right angle and tone. To use our example of expertise, it
could include publishing river articles and white papers. At
otherwise, to sell quickly, short messages published daily
on social media will be more effective.

Create a content calendar

You should now have a clear idea of ​​the
content you want to offer. It only remains to plan it, thanks
to a content calendar. Your editorial planning must include the
content to be offered, distribution media, days and times of
publication. A full-fledged strategy for reaching your prospects!

Communicate on its contents

Then it is of course necessary to communicate
on published content. There is no point in wanting to be everywhere: identify the
most relevant ways to reach your personas and focus

So that your content lives outside of your
network, you can also create partnerships: bloggers and
influencers might be interested, depending on your industry.

Measure its performance to

Last step to build your content strategy: keep an eye on your performance to improve yourself. Analyze the data of your social networks and your website to recognize strengths and weaknesses. Also be on the lookout for new trends in terms of content, keywords and networks.

You just have to get started to build the most effective and relevant content strategy and thus achieve your goals while serving your audience.