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When it comes to productivity, most of us start our day with the best resolutions and intentions in the world. We plan to work hard, very hard in the face of the many tasks that await us, putting the maximum of energy and creativity into it … and without leaving room for distraction. From time to time, things actually work this way

But most often, unfortunately, it goes like this: you have a lot of important things to do so much that it seems impossible to know where and where to start. Either the project takes you longer than you think, or an unexpected (super) meeting steals your precious free time that you so much wanted. I’m also sure you’ve already been unable to concentrate for more than a few minutes because you continue to… check your love on the phone. In other words, being productive is not always as easy as you think!

But do not panic, this is obviously not inevitable! By creating your to-do list in the right way, taking the necessary steps now to avoid being distracted and having the right attitude, you can usually achieve most (if not all) of what you are about to do. everyday. Easy to say, but difficult to do? Hmm no, all it takes is a little goodwill. WANT is POWER as we say 🙂

So here are 7 super simple secrets to help you out. Let’s go !

1. Write your to-do list the day before

Are you starting your day pacing around your office without a plan for your day? It is very likely that your time will be wasted with unnecessary tasks! In this case, create a to-do list for your day the day before, so that you know exactly what you will need to do once in your office.

You can consider as many tasks as you want, but allow time for each one (including breaks) to stay on track. And for priority tasks, mark them (adding stars for example).

2. Don’t start your day by reading / answering emails

When you start your day by answering your emails in the morning, it will certainly derail your priorities. So don’t do it! Instead, start with your usual tasks, then devote 30 minutes to emails, at 11 am and then around 3 pm, for example, where you need a little break.

As for the phone, if you can’t stand to hear it ring or vibrate without the feeling that you have to answer immediately, turn it off. Also turn off email notifications.

3. Challenge the missions difficult

You may be tempted to make your day lighter by starting with the simplest or least demanding tasks. But if this is your way of working, avoid it. Rather, start with what you like least, you will savor this feeling of satisfaction when you are finished, believe me. Everything else will be much lighter and a real pleasure.

4. Make the most of meetings

You have certainly had the experience of sitting in conference rooms for hours … when nothing was done. To avoid this, invite only the people who really need to be there. Another tip? Don’t waste time spreading information. A much smarter way to provide information is to do it in writing. If you had thought of informing everyone in writing in advance, the meeting itself will be devoted to discussion and / or decision making, which is much more practical and efficient.

5. Give yourself a speech of encouragement

Doubting yourself can lead to negativity, and constantly having a negative feeling about something means that you are more likely to avoid it. If you think you will fail, it will happen, for sure. So positive! Find all the ways to motivate yourself and make sure that you are capable of accomplishing a difficult task. For example, think about the last time you successfully challenged yourself. When you remember that, yes, you are able to handle everything, you are safer to take the plunge – and less likely to put it off because of fear.

6. Give yourself break times

Most of us feel compelled to make the day as productive as possible, which can lead us to feel guilty about taking breaks. But think again, short rest periods can help you get more energy, which can really help you get more done in the long run.

Have you ever heard of the Pomodoro method? It consists of working for 25 minutes, then taking a 5-minute break, and so on. Whatever tasks you have planned, this technique works very well, as long as you get into it. Set a timer if you need to, and use productivity tools (like the Google Chrome Strict Workflow extension) at the same time. This prevents you from visiting websites that distract you.

7. At the end of the day, always stay organized

Fortunately, you have completed all the missions mentioned on your to-do list before returning. But if you haven’t, don’t put this list off until tomorrow, because it kills morale. Instead, throw it out and make a new one with all the unfinished items, plus everything you need to accomplish the next day. Throwing away the list with all the unfinished missions is a great way to recover energy.

You see, this is simple, sometimes even obvious. And yet, we don’t think about it often. Everything is a question of organization and above all motivation. And you, how do you manage your to-do list? What are you doing to be more productive on your side?

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