The barometer of the desire to undertake which was published by Le Figaro shows that the desire to undertake affects all people of all ages (49% of students), from all social backgrounds (51% of managers and 22 % retirements). We often talk about the qualities you need to have to start a business, which makes the substantial core of the entrepreneur. But, we often come to the same conclusion: Entrepreneurs have very different or even opposite qualities! On the other hand, there are some typical qualities or signs that certainly show that you may not be made to do business. Here are 7!

Sign 1: Your salary is essential

If you have to create your start up, then goodbye the salary at the beginning. Most of the time, you will have to give up any form of income for 6 to 18 months. Unless you have raised a fundraiser (rare at first, and certainly not just to pay your salary), you will have to make this sacrifice. If you need recurring income, then entrepreneurship is not for you. Let us nuance our subject: You can always carry out remunerated missions at the side (to give courses, consulting, part-time work). But ideally, entrepreneurship is 100% alive to be able to move quickly.

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A solution ? Negotiate a contractual rupture with your employer and benefit from the assedics for a certain time.

Sign 2: You don’t like making decisions

Being an employee means to be bound by your employer by a contract with a relationship of subordination. In this contract, you agree to submit to its requirements. In other words, it’s up to him to make decisions and it’s up to you to execute them.

Faced with decisions, you hesitate? Do you procrastinate? Do you prefer to have all the information to be able to make your choice? So it may be better to stay employed. The entrepreneur may doubt but must make decisions in the unknown, without mastering 100% of the information. As the philosopher Alain says, ” there are no good decisions, it’s up to you to make them good“. The entrepreneur is wrong and corrects. But he acts!

Sign 3: You have large personal loans to repay

When you get started in entrepreneurship, the bank will be your first partner. This is why, wanting to undertake when you have loans to repay and your salary is essential is complicated .. it comes back to the first sign. You may not need this salary … but your bank does! In this case, make an accurate analysis of your personal situation before you start. It’s not impossible to start a business with a mortgage, but calculate your personal cash flow correctly!

Sign 4: You don’t like to meet clients, but you love to refine your business plan

You may have excellent skills for easily writing business plans. You have such a spirit of analysis and synthesis that writing a business plan is almost a game. But entrepreneurship is not just writing a business plan.

Just knowing how to write a business plan doesn’t make you an entrepreneur. Writing a business plan can be learned at faculty, in business schools or on the job. But the most important thing is your ability to execute and your ability to sell. Like Going to meet customers is therefore a priority.

If you don’t like going out to meet customers, you have to accept the fact that the path of the entrepreneur is not yours. The entrepreneur constantly needs to have customer feedback. This is what allows him to improve while meeting the expectations of his customers.

Sign 5: Looking for the idea of ​​the century to get started

Are you looking for the idea of ​​the century? The one that will forever change the way we live. Or maybe you are wondering if your idea is original enough to work? Finally, you decide to delay your launch so that you can mature your idea or find a better one.

If you are one of these, you can be sure that you are not ready to start an enterprise and that there is a high probability that this will never happen.

Like the Holy Grail, the idea of ​​the century has never been found. All the ideas that ultimately changed our way of life were perfected years after their launch and we knew several “pivots” these necessary strategic changes as feedback from customers.

So if you’re waiting to find the perfect idea, you’re not ready to become an entrepreneur. The entrepreneur is one who knows how to test his idea and who also knows how to improve or change his idea during the adventure if he realizes that his first idea does not work. The entrepreneur is in action!

Sign 6: You’re afraid to talk about your idea

You have an idea or even a concrete business creation project. But you are among those who think that secrecy is the best ally of those who want to do business. For that, you want to act alone and in the shadows, because you are afraid of having your idea stolen by those to whom you would talk about it.

By doing so, you condemn yourself in advance and further reduce your chances of becoming an entrepreneur. Dare to talk about your project to those around you and to strangers will allow you to have concrete feedback and improve your idea.

Becoming an entrepreneur requires going to present your project to prospects, suppliers, future partners, investors or your banker. So if you’re afraid that these people are going to steal your idea, you can say goodbye to your desire for entrepreneurship. Keep in mind that an idea is not worth much, it’s the execution that counts!

Sign 7: You prefer the film “Life is a long quiet river” to “A day in hell”

Don’t you like being surprised, having a changing day made up of great news and then catastrophic news? So go your way. The life of an entrepreneur is far from a calm river. It is made of ups and downs, successes and many defeats. As Churchill said ” Success is going from failure to failure with dignity“. a day of entrepreneurship will make you live the emotional rollercoaster. If you prefer stability then it is better not to give up working.